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Paving Stone

The paving stone,

in the center of the square,

of the ancient town

of who knows where.

The fractured rock,

surface worn with age,

wreathed with grass

and ivy and sage.

The thousands of feet

who left their mark,

the proud steps in the day,

secret footfalls in the dark.

Have mighty heroes

stood here long ago?

Did they wave to crowds

with followers in tow?

Did modest merchants

peddle their ware

on this tiny stone

in the middle of the square?

Was a great war fought here,

how much blood was spilled?

How many made their last stand

before being brutally killed?

How many stepped this way,

crossing the stone without a care,

the rock wreathed with ivy and sage,

in the middle of the square.

-- Tyler Paplham, 12, grade seven, Casey Middle School, Amherst