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"Beswitched" by Kate Saunders; Delacorte Press, $16.99.

Twelve-year-old English schoolgirl Flora Fox throws a fit when her parents tell her she is going to be shipped off to a fancy boarding school called Penrice Hall because they have to travel to Italy to assist Mrs. Fox's elderly mother, who was hurt in a fall. Flora dislikes her grandmother and is annoyed that she will be coming to live with them.

On the train to school, Flora falls asleep and wakes up to find herself wearing bloomers, carrying a hockey stick and arriving not at Penrice Hall but St. Winifred's -- in the year 1935! It seems her new roommates had been experimenting with an old book of spells. Flora finds there are some things she likes about a world without laptops and iPods -- and she discovers some uncomfortable truths about herself as well.

Saunders finds a very satisfying way to wrap up the action in this well-written, entertaining time-travel adventure.

-- Jean Westmoore



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On a helicopter, lift, or upward movement in the air, is produced by a copter's propellers called rotors. If a helicopter had only the large main rotor on top of the craft, it would spin in circles. A small rotor near the tail keeps the helicopter from whirling out of control. While airplanes can only fly horizontally, helicopters can move vertically and even hover in mid-air.

-- Time Book of Why