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Hero in black turtleneck and jeans? New Steve Jobs movie to be written by Aaron Sorkin

DownloadedFileNow here's a movie I can't wait to see.  My favorite screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, has agreed to adapt Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography of Apple's Steve Jobs for the big screen, according to a report in the New York Times.

 I've admired Sorkin since his days creating TV's "The West Wing," still a favorite in my family on DVD, with its fast-paced dialogue among smart, funny people walking and talking their way through the hallways of the White House.  

And his incisive writing of "The Social Network" -- the movie about Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg -- won an Oscar last year.  Meanwhile, his upcoming HBO series, "The Newsroom," also sounds made to order for viewers like me, based on this Vanity Fair story.

So pairing him with the subject of Steve Jobs, one of the modern era's most fascinating figures, just has to be a winner.  Isaacson's book presents the good, the bad and the ugly of Jobs as a brilliant tyrant; it should give Sorkin plenty of rich material.  (Jobs died last October after battling cancer for years.)

And based on Sorkin's reputation for speed -- and with very little in the way of wardrobe challenges what with Jobs' penchant for black shirts and jeans -- it shouldn't take too long before we're buying our popcorn.

Who'll play the saturnine Jobs?  No one knows at this early stage, but Jobs was no pretty boy.  I'd bet against Brad Pitt.  Ralph Fiennes, anyone?   Another upcoming Jobs movie -- this one an indie biopic, rather than a Sony extravaganza like the one we've been talking about -- will star Ashton Kutcher.  Check out Kutcher as a young Steve Jobs here.

(Photo above of the real Steve Jobs is from the Associated Press.)

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