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Trivia Quiz

1. A pyramid with a square base has four edges at its base and a total of how many overall?

2. To "skelp" is to

3. How many times was the 13th president, Millard Fillmore, married?

4. Is it true or false that "The Dog and His Shadow" is an Aesop's Fable?

5. Almost half the deaths in the United States are diseases in what category?

6. Does the African or Indian elephant have larger ears?

7. Name the capital of Missouri.

8. Identify the all-time great athlete who was known as the "Georgia Peach."

9. A spring from which boiling water and steam gush into the air at intervals is called what word beginning with the letter "g"?

10. Who wrote "Jonathan Livingston Seagull?"



1. Eight.

2. Slap or spank; to hurry along.

3. Two. The wives were Abigail and Caroline.

4. True. The fable's moral is concerned with greed.

5. Cardiovascular, primarily of the heart.

6. African.

7. Jefferson City.

8. Baseball star Ty Cobb.

9. "Geyser." It may also be called a "gusher."

10. Richard Bach.