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Off Broadway

There was a time when Lottie Pikuzinski, the "L" in the R&L Lounge, was shy. On a YouTube video of her in her tavern -- located on Mill Street by the Broadway Market -- she looks meek as a butter lamb. Flanked by "Airborne" Eddy Dobosiewicz and a picture of the Sacred Heart, she demonstrates making pierogi. However... that was 2010. Now, repeated exposure in The News, on TV and video have made Pikuzinski into, well, Lottie Gaga. It's the truth! People are calling her that! Recently, Lotti told a Forgotten Buffalo tour: "Do you know the difference between me and Lady Gaga? Lady Gaga wears dresses made out of meat. I wear jewelry made out of pierogi!" She pointed to her tiny pierogi earrings. Meanwhile, her newest video is: "I Told You Not to Give Me That Wine." Stand back, Lady Gaga. Lottie'll show you how it's done.


In the night kitchen

Let others spend a sunny Sunday out taking the air. Buzz spent an hour of a recent gorgeous Sunday holed up in Nietzsche's. The door was open, and breezes floated in, but still, you got that noir feel. "Jane Eyre," the black-and-white Orson Welles movie, was playing on the muted TV over the bar. Billie Holiday, on the sound system, sang "Am I Blue?" (Nietzsche's has the best playlist in town.) And just to complete the surreal atmosphere, a film crew was filming in the bathrooms! "They're just making something personal, a fantasy," the bartender said. A Sunday fantasy in the Nietzsche's bathrooms! Sounds like a sequel to "Jane Eyre."


The month of May...

... is like a chicken wing, good hot or cold. When it was 40 degrees, the waterfront was warmed by the brightly painted Adirondack chairs, ready in neat rows. The Hatch was open, even the counter where you buy clams and cheap Chablis. In Cazenovia Park, two little kids -- actually they were Buzz's niece and nephew, Barbara and Georgie -- were feeding the birds. The ducks were grateful but a goose was nasty, snapping and hissing as it accepted the handouts. (Barbara, feeling kind, told her little brother: "You feed the ducks. I'll feed the mean one.") Finally, we have seen the first sign of summer -- the construction. Driving down the 190, Buzz had to giggle at a truck in a work zone reading: "Safety Grooving and Grinding." Ha, ha! Temperatures rising!


The buzz

Good for Nik Wallenda, crossing the mighty Niagara on a high wire. It will prepare him for the real challenge, crossing on the bridge. ... You've been to the Sportsmen's Tavern and the Black Rock Kitchen and Bar, you've quaffed beer at Rohall's Corner -- now be at Buffalo's Religious Arts Center, 157 East St., Sunday at 2 p.m., for the launching, with a big push, of the new traveling Black Rock Museum. The obvious question: Will it be sponsored by Rolling Rock?



"What you shouldn't be doing with a kitchen towel and why." ... "Disgusting thing that won't be in your perfume anymore" ..."Killer swan blamed for man's drowning" ...

-- Tidbits tossed up at Buzz one day by Yahoo! News