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Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending April 6.


13313 Genesee St., Robert C. Russell to Jason J. Kozak, $135,000.



Highest price: $552,500

Average price: $153,424

Median price: $115,000

Number of Sales:27

6480 Main St., Grammercy Park to 6480 Main Llc, $552,500.

294 Brompton Road, Raymond Wardynski; Sophia Wardynski to Richard J. Scarfia, $305,000.

312 Dan Troy, Theodore Papademetriou; Patricia Papademetriou to Melissa A. Eberz; John P. Eberz, $290,000.

112 Hidden Ridge Common, Joan H. Berghash to G. Patrick Lester, $288,960.

188 Creekside Drive, Florig Equipment of Buffalo Inc. to Plymouth Buffalo Llc, $250,000.

75 Candlewood Lane, Maureen A. O'Connell to Christopher F. Blersch; Angela L. Blersch, $211,000.

95 Lake Ledge Drive, Gloria A. Sandler to Emily Brady; Anthony J. Brady Sr., $195,000.

71 Patton Place, Robert I. Richmond; Deanna S. Richmond to Richard DelRegno; Maria E. DelRegno, $194,000.

108 Seabrook Drive, Kevin C. Collignon to Mark Zemrak; Tina Zemrak, $174,500.

43 Sweetwood Drive, Ronald Pelkey to Erin E. Michaels; Christopher B. Michaels, $143,000.

24 Howard Ave., Endla Luedig to Andre C. Foti, $137,694.

98 Clearfield Drive, Cartus Financial Corporation to Anthony K. Rotella, $133,000.

50 Endicott Drive, Joseph F. Dimaio to Joyce M. Seegel, $120,000.

138 Grandview Drive, Sara J. Walkowiak to Mohammad Nasir, $115,000.

28 Manser Drive, Michael Cerasa to Mandy L. Green, $114,000.

1240 North French Road, George Regan to Benjamin J. Patnode; Katie L. Hoefer, $111,300.

35A Foxberry Drive, Stephanie M. Struzik; Stephanie M. Mecca; Mark V. Mecca to Sara Walkowiak, $105,500.

396 Springville Ave., Amanda M. Crosson; Earl P. Alvarez to Mammam Abstani, $95,000.

118 Layton Ave., Carolyn Q. Johnson to Nathanael Carbrey, $90,000.

30 Callodine Ave., Allen Coniglio to Chintan Shukla, $80,000.

9 Emerson Drive, M. Gretchen Bella; Kurt J. Bella to Rita M. Bella, $79,500.

154 Dellwood Road, Maurice R. Mannix to Lee A. Forman, $77,200.

339 Lamont Drive, Shiro Imahori to Steven Staniszewski, $76,000.

389 Callodine Ave., Joyce M. Seegel to Roger W. Kassay, $72,000.

35 Callodine Ave., Allen Coniglio to Prasad Mattala, $62,500.

37 Callodine Ave., Allen Coniglio to Prasad Mattala, $62,500.

265 Cottonwood Drive, Alicia L. Botticelli to Jason A. Botticelli, $7,300.



95 Byeberry Court, Margaret A. Bremer; Gene R. Bremer to Michelle L. Delepine; Jeffrey S. Delepine, $215,000.

15 Sycamore St., Marcella Patricia Felleisen; Marcella Patricia Bowen to Theodora Belniak; John R. Ford, $138,000.

1739 O'Kean Road & Vacant Land, Michael L. Clark to Sharon M. Long; Philip N. Long Jr., $120,000.

116 Hamlin Ave., Jason J. Skalski to Richard J. Doersam, $103,000.



Highest price: $269,900

Average price: $75,455

Median price: $43,500

Number of Sales:65

18 St. Johns Place, Joseph Maiorana to Susan Goodnough, $269,900.

1726 Elmwood, Waste Stream Technology Inc. to Weather Panel Holdings Inc., $250,000.

302 Grote, Waste Stream Technology Inc. to Weather Panel Holdings Inc., $250,000.

450 Eggert Road, Russo Property Management Inc. to 404 Amherst Property Llc, $225,000.

456 Eggert Road, Russo Property Management Inc. to 404 Amherst Property Llc, $225,000.

84 Woodbridge Ave., Christopher P. Koch to Mark T. Behrends; Kelly L. Behrends, $220,000.

770 West Ferry Ave., 770 West Ferry Inc. to Group A Partners Llc, $190,800.

231-233 Richmond Ave., American International Relocation Solutions to Deborah Munster, $182,000.

231-233 Richmond Ave., Matthew L. Wagner to American International Relocation Solutions, $182,000.

1598 Hertel Ave., Dennis P. Epstein to RVB Properties, $180,000.

37 Park St., Paul Morgante Sr. to Jon M. Schweitzer; James T. Schweitzer, $160,000.

225 Wallace Ave., Donald W. Luscombe; Barbara A. Luscombe to Mindy S. Zemla; Kevin P. Polster, $155,000.

175 Norwalk Ave., Marie E. Land to Stephen F. Jackson; Karen M. Jackson, $150,000.

125 Edward St., James J. Kupczyk to Felicitas Kusch-Lango, $137,500.

355 Massachusetts, Rosemary Ivery to Visente Rodriguez, $119,000.

406 West Delevan Ave., David Cultrara to Nathaniel J. Kuzma; Trisha A. Digiore, $118,000.

32 Sterling Ave., Catherine Sull to Natasha Allard, $109,500.

223 North Park Ave., Carmen Faso to Polanco North Llc, $100,000.

80 Avery Ave., Jillian E. Dauenhauer to Victor M. Torres, $98,500.

256 Downing St., Tekla Jurkiw to John Docherty; Joanne R. Docherty, $90,500.

76 West Winspear, Donna R. Jacobbi to Joseph P. Jack, $82,000.

475 Swan St., Robert Baxter; Vicki Baxter to Virgie Louis Baker, $81,885.

78 Dakota St., Amy Jo Decarlo; Daniel Decarlo to Lynette L. Yancey, $81,000.

Vacant Land/306 Auburn Ave., Beaville West Llc to Sisters of Saint Mary of Namur Inc., $75,000.

101 Ontario St., Robert T. Clark Sr. to James D. Abbey Jr., $64,000.

284 West Tuper St., Anatolia Velez to Western New York Business Ventures Inc., $62,000.

90 Mumford St., Mary V. Kasperek; Edward S. Kasperek to Melissa Morgan, $54,712.

197 Stratford Road, Ida J. Russo to Sunrise West Llc, $50,000.

79 Hinman Ave., Patricia Ann Czajkowski; Frances Czajkowski to Amy L. Dubose; Mack Dubose Jr., $50,000.

83 Hampshire St., Jesus Santiago Rivera to Mat Sha Pe, $50,000.

67 Edson St., Margarita Caraballo to Nicholas Longbine, $47,500.

217 Hagen St., Philip D. Williford to Mabel B. Stewart, $45,000.

66 Wood, Property Dec11 Llc to Kauhale Solutions, $43,500.

81 Pennsylvania, Property Oct11 Llc to Leap Years Ahead, $43,450.

113 Davey St., Gertrude A. Wozniak to Edward M. Bald, $40,000.

197 Vermont, Joo Kyeong Jo to Ler Gay, $40,000.

205 Vermont, Joo Kyeong Jo to Ler Gay, $40,000.

19 Houston St., Margarita Valenta to LNS Property Management, $34,000.

21 Houston St., Margarita Valenta to LNS Property Management, $34,000.

53 Peace St., Keith Canazzi; Equity Trust Company to Bevin Holdings, $33,000.

1542 South Park Ave., Gary D. Rossel to Wing Properties, $32,000.

2080 Seneca St., Aries Real Estate to Sunrise West Llc, $32,000.

187 Kay St., Queen E. Spencer to Karen Reeves, $30,000.

29 Westminster St., Mohammed Alamgir to Manhattan Group, $27,500.

1227 Kensington Ave., Edward Shin to David Seaford; Elva Seaford, $26,000.

95 Bryson, Buffalo Commons Llc to Homestead Land Holdings, $20,500.

132 Sears St., Buffalo Commons Llc to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

147 Sears St., Buffalo Commons Llc to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

17 Newton St., CTA Management to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

18 Koons Ave., Pincus Kievman to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

21 Geneva, Business Distribution Inc. to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

22 Newton St., Dream Homes to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

37 Rommel, CTA Management to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

78 Bryson, Sweethome Llc to Purityson Llc, $20,200.

64 Wood, Jacqueline Vazquez to Lasalle Enterprises, $20,000.

50 Crissnab Ave., Karen Behrmann to ACSA of WNY Inc., $16,500.

948 Kensington, Maggie L. Ester Thompson; Maggie L. Ester to Wing Properties, $15,250.

105 Alma, Vijayalakshmi Venkatesh; Solaiyappan Venkatesh to Wing Properties, $11,000.

202 Barnard St., Daniel Hara; Daniel S. Hara to Brandon J. Sandor, $10,000.

110 Alma, Vijayalakshmi Venkatesh; Solaiyappan Venkatesh to Wing Properties, $8,500.

2527 Genesee St., County of Erie to Bella Roses Building Management Inc., $7,500.

214 Landon, City of Buffalo to Latisha Andrews, $6,500.

109 Ivanhoe Road, County of Erie to Bella Roses Building Management Inc., $6,000.

41 Houghton St., Charteto Dong Hoang; Kimberly Hoang to Adane Haile, $5,000.

710 Norfolk, Daniel Cohen to Equity Trust Company; Kevin Seaman, $5,000.



Highest price: $3,400,000

Average price: $229,793

Median price: $89,450

Number of Sales:24

2615 Walden Ave., Advantage Housewares Inc. to 930 Bailey Avenue Llc, $3,400,000.

2804 Union Road, Sowamco Ltd. to Five Star Holdings of Buffalo, $250,000.

55 Joseph St., Josephine Sorrentino to Kenneth G. Edbauer, $150,500.

44 Poinciana Parkway, Diana M. Beyer to Raymond S. Adornetto; Jennifer M. Adornetto, $122,000.

26 Hunting Road, Robert Schneider; Marjorie Schneider to Gloria M. Hatten, $114,000.

89 Mayberry Drive East, Sunil Bakshi; Anthony J. Dinanno; Joyce Dinanno to M&T Bank, $107,845.

172 South Huxley Drive, Mark P. Zemrak; Tin M. Nosowicz to Angela F. Carboni, $97,000.

60 Santin Drive, Thomas P. Williams; Catherine R. Borowiak to Sirva Relocation Properties, $96,000.

60 Santin, Sirva Relocation Properties to Michael R. Wilk, $96,000.

10 Pleasant St., Mary Ann Gentz to Christina Beikirch; Bradley Beikirch, $90,000.

33 Garden Road, Natalie N. Daly; Andrew C. Daly to Steven A. Nowak, $89,900.

78 Grand Blvd., Erin Kreinheder; Zacheriah Kreinheder to Colleen K. Ortiz, $89,900.

20 Lois Drive, Martha J. Bateson to Jennifer E. Kostyszyn, $89,000.

158 David Ave., Fengxian Li to Timothy W. Kasprzak, $87,980.

28 Foisset Ave., Gregory P. Back to Danielle Marnalse, $87,900.

221 Rehm Road, Michelle Domagala to Johana H. Santora, $85,000.

150 Fontaine Drive, Cheryl Mendola; Matthew Mendola to Taurresha P. Livingston, $80,000.

42 Judith Drive, Mary F. Lesniowski to Michael Zika, $71,000.

2478 George Urban Blvd., Darlene R. Platter; John A. Kotz; Sharon M. Bobak to Mark A. McCall; Kelly M. McCall, $68,000.

67-71 Ellwood Place, Gary B. Ruhland to Yvette M. Mancini, $66,000.

105 Isabelle Road, Rosalie Kratzer; Rosalie C. Scibetta; Charles J. Scibetta to Twin City Video Corp., $63,000.

189 Halstead Ave., Patricia A. Lebarron to Kathleen J. Later, $49,000.

132 Toelsin Road, Marilyn A. Luce to Aura Property Management, $40,000.

6-8 Shirley Ave., Robert Martin; Lynn Martin; Janice Bogdan; Donald E. Bogdan to Janice Bogdan; Donald E. Bogdan, $25,000.



Highest price: $415,000

Average price: $256,991

Median price: $225,000

Number of Sales:11

8397 Black Walnut Drive, Tricia L. Stewart; Brian F. Foster to Angelo M. Marzullo, $415,000.

8587 Greenway Court, Elaine J. Barbera; Vincent T. Barber to Mark D. Schmidt, $397,000.

6029 Samantha Lane, Ranch View Llc to Lucy S. Miller; Thomas A. Miller Jr., $379,900.

9446 Pine Breeze Lane, Laura Wallingford; James P. Boville to Stewart D. Clark; Jenny H. Clark, $290,000.

5065 Glenwood Drive, Angelo M. Marzullo; Angela M. Callisto to Jeffrey K. Stachowiak, $233,000.

8455 Main St., Lucille Schilling; Glenn F. Schilling to 8455 Main Street Llc, $225,000.

5342 Thompson Road, Deborah Anne Martin to Erin Taylor; Glen P. Taylor, $200,000.

8440 Stahley Road, Richard Vecchio Jr. to Shirley Ann Herberger; Leonard G. Herberger, $187,000.

9762 Cobblestone Drive, Natale Building Corp. to Oliver H. Sommer; Jennifer D. Sommer, $180,000.

5000 Goodrich Road, Mary Ann Berrafato; Louis A. Berrafato Sr. to Mary Ann Berrafato, $170,000.

6545 Heise Road, William H. Brach; John A. Brach; Jacob J. Brach to Melissa Marino, $150,000.



3004 Lenox Road, Mary A. Buckley; Thomas A. Buckley Jr. to Mark Habermehl; David Habermehl; Wendy Habermehl; Amanda Habermehl, $17,700.



75 Tarn Trail, Keith R. Clements; Judith A. Clements to Donna S. Harris; David L. Harris, $200,000.

26 Eaton St., Wendy Harmon to James Stachowski Jr., $48,500.



3728 Schintzius Road, Alberta Joy Blasz; Eugene W. Blasz to Jeremy M. Fay; Meagan S. Coggins, $106,000.



80 Springbrook Shores Drive, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Jane G. Funke, $277,500.

1501 West Blood Road, Jane G. Funke; Charles J. Funke to Tracy A. Brock; Kirk J. Brock, $220,000.



496 Sycamore Ave., Brenda A. McCauley; William M. McAuley to Karen L. Nau; Martin F. Koczur, $122,500.

Vacant Land/Eden Evans Road, Mat-Properties Inc. to E&R Horizons, $96,000.

330 Taft Ave., County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Alison Mathien, $21,000.

456 Adams Ave., County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Holly Mathien, $10,000.



42 Flanigen Lane, Kevin J. Sommer; Deborah L. Sommer to Lynn M. Dingey, $233,000.

3486 Calvano Drive, Ruth C. Berdinis; Charles F. Berdinis to Robert J. Mazierski; Carolyn Q. Johnson, $223,900.

158 Colonial Drive, Shirley A. Johnson; James A. Johnson to Shannin Murray; Jeremy S. Coolidge, $141,000.
Vacant Land/1823 East River Road, Michael Holler to Michael Cope, $51,775.

238 Fareway Lane, Todd V. Petrilla to Jerome Kiener; Paulette S. Kiener, $49,176.

238 Fareway Lane, Kristi A. Petrilla to Jerome Kiener; Paulette S. Kiener, $49,167.

238 Fareway Lane, William P. Petrilla to Jerome Kiener; Paulette S. Kiener, $49,167.



Highest price: $210,000

Average price: $128,456

Median price: $120,000

Number of Sales:19

4578 Whitetail Court, Nancy Randolph to Michelle E. Berkhoudt, $210,000.

45 Henderson Place, Amos J. Minkel Jr.; Amos J. Minkel III to Shawn P. Gall; Esther K. Gall, $205,000.

Vacant Land/5015 Woodway Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $202,000.

Vacant Land/5078 Woodway Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $202,000.

Vacant Land/5083 Woodway Court, Marrano/Marc Equity Corporation to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $202,000.

4614 Kingswood Lane, Molly J. Dehlinger; Brian A. Dehlinger to Paul E. Barner, $200,000.

52 Rosedale Ave., Coralee Emerling; Raymond Emerling Jr. to Michael J. Kaizer, $160,000.

3912 Yale Ave., Corsi Management Group to Leyna M. Barone, $149,460.

153 South Lake St., Monica D. Shaw to Tracy L. Gier, $130,000.

5776 Lakecrest Drive, Alicia Raczka; Michael Joyce to Michael G. Klein; Amanda M. Klein, $120,000.

4783 Kennison Parkway, John R. Bowden to James F. Hilburger; Laurie A. Caccard, $105,000.

5644 Sterling Road, Lynne P. Ferris; Glen A. Ferris; James B. Ferris; Jay A. Ferris; Gale A. Ferris to Kathryn M. Clancy, $103,000.

4361 East Frontier Drive, Judith Page; William Toth Jr.; Julia M. Toth; Jean Amorosi to Gregory P. O'Klosa; Kathy A. Litwin, $96,000.

105 Arthur Ave., Sean P. Quinn to Christopher Molenda, $89,000.

3599 James Ave., Virginia S. Morgan to Moira Morgan Rooney; John K. Rooney, $71,000.

50 Pine St., Brandy L. Weisedel; Deborah A. Palmer-Crawford to Karen Kind-Mol, $70,000.

4767 Mosey Lane, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Edward J. Rost; Antoinette M. Rost, $50,000.

6377 Boston State Road, William K. Williams; Suzanne L. Williams to Daniel G. Schunk, $45,000.

10 Scooter Lane, Country Meadows Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $31,200.



10 Creekside Ave., Kathleen Krasowski to Alex Walkowiak; Deborah Walkowiak, $70,000.



443 Schwartz Road, Janice R. Thiell to Staci M. Giustino, $170,000.

5240 Genesee St., Alden State Bank to Lucian D. Visone Jr., $135,000.

16 Leonard Drive, Patricia M. Menzies; Donald W. Menzies to Andrew J. Hoeltke; Alison M. Hoeltke, $107,000.

348 Aurora St., Marlene Bellow; James Bellow to William Anthon, $65,000.

Vacant Land/57 Middleburyh Lane, RJF Development to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $65,000.



7745 Berghorn Road, Keith Nablo to Chelsea Zackey; Josiah Wagner, $70,000.



4214 North Buffalo St., Allithea E. Killeen; Henry W. Killeen III to Gavongroup Inc., $387,000.

75-5 Carriage Drive, Rebecca Trella to Mary Ann O'Neil; Kevin B. O'Neil, $83,500.

7075 Michael Road, Antonio Manocchio to Giuseppe Manocchio; Heather D. Manocchio, $80,000.



90 Penarrow Drive, US Bank to Shelly Reed, $41,500.



Highest price: $155,000

Average price: $96,803

Median price: $95,000

Number of Sales:17

1088 Colvin Blvd., June A. Dunn; Gerald L. Dunn Sr. to Jordan K. McCarthy, $155,000.

90 Wardman Road, Scott F. Moyer; Kimberly A. Moyer to Natalie M. Connolly; Michael A. Connolly, $123,000.

287 West Girard Blvd., Thomas F. Gruener; Donna M. Gruener to Robert T. Heim; Heather L. Heim, $120,000.

15 South Lawn Court, James L. Cooper; Carolyn M. Cooper to Jasen M. Cooper, $115,000.

8 Queens Guard Walk, Ethel R. Hawes to Helen A. Pasztor; Ralph E. Bossert, $110,000.

67 Fayette Ave., Patricia A. Smith to Robert J. Powalski Jr.; Robert J. Powalski III, $109,900.

158 Edgewood Ave., Lillian Kleingardner to Suzanne Pekarski; Randy Pekarski, $107,700.

169 Colvin Court South, Michael J. Girage; Joseph M. Girage to Ronald G. Kiekbusch, $102,000.

369 Brighton Road, Barbara Puzzella; Caol A. Hurst; Carmelo Puzzella; Barbara L. Puzzella to Kimberly E. Leggett, $95,000.

201 Midland Ave., Sean P. Flemming; Jennifer C. Flemming to Markos Drossos, $93,000.

237 Puritan Road, Miriam B. Fournier to Karen A. Cuviello, $88,500.

152 Grandview Ave., Carol Ann Teresi to Dorothy Janet Humphrey, $84,800.

165 Dunlop Ave., Carmela Salmeri to Christopher M. Kolasa, $82,150.

216 Dunlop Ave., Jane Peters to John J. Rodish, $79,900.

1664 Colvin Blvd., Angelia K. Long to Matthew S. Adams, $70,000.

106 Aspinwood Place, Robert F. Marlak to Brett M. Esch; Richard D. Heerdt Jr., $58,700.

265 Greenhaven Terrace, Patricia K. Wood; Marjorie B. Kling; David G. Kling to Artisan Property Holdings, $51,000.



Highest price: $120,000

Average price: $67,125

Median price: $63,250

Number of Sales:8

1985 Ridge Road, Michael Festaiuti to 1985 Ridge Road Llc, $120,000.

139 Dover, Joanne M. Strell to Monte R. Montalvo, $116,000.

65 Paxford, Jeffrey R. Monszynski; Jeffrey R. Monczynski to Samantha Dexter-Rydzynski; Christopher Rydzynski, $98,500.

224 Chamberlin Drive, Anne L. Schiller; Michael J. Juliano; Christine M. Isby to Jonathan J. Lake, $69,000.

190 Indian Church Road, Judith Rounds; David Rounds; Janet H. Rounds; Joseph A. Rounds Jr. to William E. Boggess; Jane M. Boggess, $57,500.

1170 Indian Church Road, Kevin T. O'Neill to Mary A. King, $38,000.

195 Knox Ave., Cheryl Alaimo; Margaret L. Belz to Western New York Business Ventures Inc., $28,000.

1365 Indian Church Road, County of Erie; Joseph Maciejewski to Diana Masters; Michael L. Masters, $10,000.