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Letters / Our readers speak out

Rivera will leave in a fitting way

When the great Mariano Rivera had his knee buckle on the Kansas City warning track last week, putting his Hall of Fame and Yankee career in serious doubt, the one thought that entered my mind was that this fabulous player can not go out this way, crumpled on the field in pain and helped off by his manager and training staff. I suffered a flashback to 1996 in the Jacksonville playoff game when Jim Kelly rode the golf cart to the tunnel in his last game as a Bill.

Sure, Rivera has saved the most games all-time, the most in playoff history, and other than the Alomar blast in 1997 and the Luis Gonzalez bloop in 2001, the man has been near perfect since it all began in 1996. As John Wettlands setup man on the first of five world champion teams he's been a huge part of.

But, in true fashion, Mo Rivera has done it again, he has "saved" the best for last for his fans worldwide. He is going out of his way to come back in 2013 to give the fans of America one last chance to see the talents on a man in his position that will never, ever be matched again. It's fitting that Rivera will be the final player in MLB history to wear Jackie Robinson's number 42, just as fitting to say baseball won't soon see another Mariano Rivera.

Joseph Zanghi



Pegula short-changed when he bought team

Is it possible for Mr. Pegula to sue for misrepresentation of his purchase of the Sabres?

Clearly he was told and thought he was purchasing a natural hockey league team when actually what he purchased was a national hockey league franchise. To make matters worse, it was a franchise run by the three stooges and a team made up of over-paid, underachieving hockey players.

Mr. Pegula got rid of Larry now he must get rid of Curly and Moe. Let's face it, what other GM would trade his first round draftee for a player who has played in the minor leagues for the first two of three seasons and is obviously damaged goods. Isn't it nice to see so many of the Sabres castoffs doing so well for other teams in the NHL playoffs?

Then we have the Moe who coaches not to win hockey games but not to lose games either. This is not a winning philosophy for any hockey team. This is evidence by the Sabres play year after year. Let's face it, Curly & Moe must go.

David Parrish



Express needed for Derby at OTB

Here is a suggestion to the people who run Western Regional Off Track Betting. On the first Saturday in May, when the Kentucky Derby is run, hundreds of people come out to bet. This is not a knock on the horse player (Triple Crown or Breeders Cup). Please open up Express Lane windows for Kentucky Derby bets only. So many people come into local parlors and are clueless on how to bet.

To the serious or avid horseplayer waiting in line to bet other races other than the Derby is a tremendous inconvenience, worst of all "being shut out."

Bob Zoladz

North Tonawanda


Jackson deserved to be rewarded

Freddy Jackson finally has been rewarded for his efforts on the field.

He has been the Bills' leading rusher for three years in a row along with being their MVP and workhorse on offense.

Freddy has paid his dues and is well deserving and should be rewarded for his hard work.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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