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Adoptee grateful to birth mother

Dear Abby: This Mother's Day greeting is for all those incredibly unselfish mothers who chose to place their child up for adoption. I am an adopted child whose life has been a wonderful journey. If I could send a message to my birth mother, it would be one of eternal gratitude for allowing someone else to give me the life she was unable to provide. There is no love like a mother's love. That is why I want to tell all those mothers out there who gave their children to another parent to love and nurture that their sacrifice and heartache became a miracle for so many of us. God bless all of you on this Mother's Day.

-- Thankful Daughter

Dear Thankful Daughter: I'm pleased to print your Mother's Day greeting, and I hope it will bring comfort and reassurance to any woman out there for whom today is a reminder of a painful sacrifice.


How to behave at graduation

Dear Abby: As graduation time approaches, I begin to shudder. Graduation ceremonies have become more like rock concerts than a time to acknowledge student achievements. As both a parent and an educator, may I please offer some graduation etiquette advice?

1. Do not yell, blow horns or leap into the air as your special graduate crosses the stage.

2. Honor ALL of the graduates. Do not disrupt by leaving after your grad has had his/her moment.

3. Small children do not belong at graduations. Hire a sitter and let them stay home.

4. The presenters have worked hard to prepare for the ceremony. Listen to them and behave like adults.

5. Have the wild party AFTER the formal ceremony.

-- Frustrated in Columbus, Ga.

Dear Frustrated: I agree that there are certain rules of conduct that should be followed on important occasions -- and a graduation ceremony is one of them.