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Wilson school board candidates

Four candidates are seeking two seats on the Wilson School Board. The News invited candidates in contested races to tell voters why they should vote for them.

Christopher Srock

I am running for Wilson School Board to improve some issues I saw within our district. Whether it is consolidation, funding, or community communication; we need to come to closer to our ideals of our youth to help our children.

Consolidation may be necessary but not enough information has been given to convince me that it is the viable option at this time. If the district could save a few million dollars and young kids could tolerate the hour bus trip I would be all for it. Unfortunately, the saving would be minimal and I am sure a 6 year old couldn’t sit for an hour on the bus.

According to my daughter, her most of her class has had detention for homework related issues. I wonder what kind of institution we fund with our taxes that punishes kid’s for incomplete homework same as defacing school property. For the $13,000 per student a year, which is more than a U.B. undergrad tuition, I expect a student body with scholastic perform rivaling any in the nation. Unfortunately, I feel too much time and money is wasted on State testing that doesn’t improve our students academically.

We must make this school much more community friendly. The only information on the high school musical I have seen is at IGA. The website is poor at times with specific information and parents who try to email a teacher have their emails rejected. We pay taxes and we need to know the good not just the bad at our school.

I want to help improve the school for the sake of our sons and daughters. If someone says everything seems fine it is probably because they cannot see the potential of our students.

Michael J. Leggett

I am running for a third term with the Board of Education because I enjoy serving the community and have a good working relationship with my colleagues. The current makeup of the Wilson board works well with the administration and we are very aware of the needs of both our students and tax payers.

Christopher J. Carlin

Chris carlinI believe my education, along with my experience as an investigator and administrator working with supervision, management, budgeting and labor issues provides a clear advantage over my challengers. As elected trustees of the current Board, Mr. Leggett and I, with the other board members, have taken a common sense approach of balancing the fiscal obligations to the taxpayers and the educational responsibilities to the children. Over the past two years, we have been faced with the challenges of severe and disparate cuts in state aid to our district. Despite these challenges, we have worked with administrators and staff, to ensure delivery of the high level of educational services our students and families deserve. This Board worked hard to lobby our state lawmakers, Senator Maziarz and Assemblyman Ceretto who secured additional funding relief for taxpayers. This Board must continue to fight to restore funding to ensure quality programs for our children and to prevent further loss of our fine young teachers and staff.

Another consequence of the deep cuts in state aid is the future of Stevenson Elementary School in Ransomville. This school has always played a vital role in our community and school district. We will continue to find ways to ensure the continued viability of this school. I appreciate the efforts of the community stakeholders dedicated to keeping Stevenson Elementary open.

Having a son in the Middle School, we are aware of the high quality of education provided by the dedicated staff of Wilson Central School. Despite the cuts in resources, our staff continues to work hard to deliver superior educational programs for our children.

I am honored by the trust of the taxpayers when they elected me to the Board last year. I have been accountable in my duties and if re-elected, I will continue to work hard ensuring fiscal responsibly and meeting the obligations to ensure the high quality of educational services for our children.

Eric Truesdell

I feel the school board needs to be more open about whats going on in the district. I also feel that the school board needs to look at other places to cut other than Teachers. I also think the district needs to look into starting some early intervention.

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