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Trivia Quiz

1. Where is the American flag placed when it's displayed among lesser flags?

2. The number 4,900 is the square of what other number?

3. The Hebrew name Michael means

4. On what television show was there a Chinese cook named Hop Sing?

5. What is the capital of Nevada?

6. What is the source of the second of flowers?

7. What is the tartan skirt called that is worn by men of the Scottish Highlands?

8. Is Kansas or Arizona more northern?

9. By what title was Chicago Tribune Publisher Robert McCormick known?

10. Identify the English poet who wrote: "There never shall be one lost good. All we have willed or hoped or dreamed of good shall exist."



1. In the center and at the highest point.

2. Number 70.

3. Godlike.

4. "Bonanza."

5. Carson City.

6. Oils in the flowers' petals. A fragrance is given off when the oil evaporates.

7. Kilt.

8. Kansas.

9. "Colonel."

10. Robert Browning.