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Obama and gay marriage -- a marriage of convenience?

   WASHINGTON -- There's no doubt that President Obama made history Wednesday with his declaration of support for gay marriage, but there's reason to doubt the contention that he stumbled into his new position on the issue.

   In fact, the unveiling of his support for same-sex marriage actually seems rather carefully planned.

   Consider the timing.

   On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden voiced his support for gay marriage on a television interview.

   Two days later, North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage -- leaving gay people across the country distraught and angry.

    The afternoon after that, news broke of the ABC interview in which Obama declared his support for gay marriage.

     And only hours later, both the Obama campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign sent out elaborate, well designed emails lauding the president's move -- and asking for campaign contributions in response.

    A coincidence? Maybe.

    But given that the Washington Post reported that one in six of Obama's top fundraisers is gay, and that gay donors have become increasingly important to Democratic fundraising efforts in recent years, it seems instead to be a well calculated and well planned roll-out of Obama's change in stance on the marriage issue.

--Jerry Zremski

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