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Trivia Quiz

1. What was the principal wood used by Thomas Chippendale for the famous Chippendale furniture made in the 1700s?

2. Identify the "Sagebrush State."

3. If a person were on the moon, he would have about one-half, one-third or one-sixth of his weight on earth?

4. Name the French king who was the husband of Marie Antoinette.

5. What kind of roof is on a gondola railroad car?

6. Where is Emory University?

7. How were Presidents William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison related?

8. Where on the body does a person wear a ghillie?

9. A caribou is a variety of fox. True or false?

10. For what do the letters in "CARE" stand?



1. Mahogany.

2. Nevada.

3. One-sixth.

4. Louis XVI.

5. A gondola car has no roof.

6. Atlanta.

7. Benjamin Harrison was William Henry Harrison's grandson.

8. The foot. A ghillie is a shoe.

9. False, it is a variety of deer.

10. "Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere."