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Boyfriend cheating emotionally

Dear Abby: I have been with my boyfriend "Paul" for four years. We have a child together, and we each have a child of our own. We have lived together for three years, and our family life is great. However, when I was pregnant with our son, Paul contacted an ex on a social network. One day he left his computer open, and I saw that their conversations were less than innocent. I was upset and I said something immediately.

We have stayed together, but ever since then I'm having a hard time trusting Paul. Because he had also been calling the woman, I now check our phone records. Yesterday I found a text of his to a former boss' daughter. Paul was telling her how "hot" she is.

Abby, am I overreacting when I think Paul is going to cheat?

-- Alarmed in North Carolina

Dear Alarmed: You're not overreacting. Paul is cheating on you emotionally, and doesn't appear to be entirely committed to your relationship. In fact, it appears he is looking for some outside adventures. You should not only be concerned, you should also be furious about what he's doing. This won't stop until YOU draw the line.


Child drops F-bomb

Dear Abby: My 6-year-old cousin wanted to make a lemonade stand, so my sister and I helped her, but she got discouraged because nobody would buy any. She was so angry she started yelling, then she crossed the line and dropped the F-word. My sister and I were shocked that a 6-year-old would know that word. She said her classmate told it to her.

We told our parents, but we're not sure if we should tell her mother because she might think my sister and I taught it to her. Should we tell her mother or let it slide hoping she will forget the word and move on?

-- Not Sure in San Diego

Dear Not Sure: Your parents should tell your aunt about the incident, just in case your cousin doesn't "forget" the word. That way her mother can explain to her that there are certain words polite people don't use because they are unacceptable.