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Q: Now that Katie Couric has guest co-anchored "Good Morning America," will she be doing it more often? -- Joan White, Palm Coast, Fla.

A: Probably not, though she might be open to doing it whenever possible, since she seemed to have a good time being back in morning television during her recent stint on the ABC program. Come fall, she'll have her own program to be primarily concerned with again; she'll launch the syndicated weekday talk show "Katie."

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Q: Where have I seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan of "Magic City" before? -- Nancy Ames, Milwaukee

A: In television terms, the actor likely is most widely known as Denny -- the heart patient who captured the heart of Izzie (Katherine Heigl) -- on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy." He's the first to admit that role gave his career an enormous boost, likely accounting for his starring role in the new Starz series about the hotel world of late-1950s Miami. Morgan also has a following from his role as the father of brothers Sam and Dean on the CW's "Supernatural," and he appeared on Showtime's "Weeds" as well.

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