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Letters / Our readers speak out

Same old, same old grows tiresome

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. This so called hockey team must change its philosophy and approach to the game being played in the National Hockey League.

This is Buffalo, N.Y. It's a blue collar town. The last time I checked there isn't a Buffalo Ballet. I'm sick and tired of midget finesse players being pushed off the puck, drilled in open ice or into the boards and then disappearing for the game and long stretches of the season.

No longer should a visiting team be able to play their backup goalie or one they just brought up from the minors and get away with it. Teams playing against us on home ice should fear the dropping of the puck in the first period.

Collectively does any fear come from the following Sabres? Pominville, Vanek, Roy, Hodgson, Ennis, Leino, Gerbe or Hecht? Players whined about being singled out in the press by the coach? Really?

Clean house now. New general manager, new coach and give them both a three-year contract. At the end of that period if we haven't advanced in the playoffs get rid of them and start over. First prerequisite, you must be able to hit and back check your brains out. You know, like Marcus Foligno, who did more in his brief stint than half the roster.

Bill Krieger



Another sequel in Sabreland

Are you ready for the release of sequel 16, "Darcy and Lindy Return" produced by Pegula and Black? It's unrated so far but from the rumors it's like "Groundhog Day," the same sequence over and over again.

It's a non-violent, non-action film with unintended laughs. Sounds like another miss to me. But for those of you who have nothing better to do with your money, why not give it a try. It's full of promise, but the ending is usually one of despair. Why they need this 16th sequel, who knows, but there must be good money in the P&B production.

So fanatic fans will be fanatic again but with the usual fanaticism as every other year. Pegula's multiple Stanley Cups are just a dream.

Paul DiVito



Another fan upset to see Regier returning

I was very disappointed to see Darcy Regier retained for "one more year." How many chances does this guy get?

If he wasn't on his third owner I can't believe he would still be in Buffalo. The Sabres now have an owner who is giving an open checkbook to bring a winning team to Buffalo, and I am concerned that when that time comes that Regier fails to perform again, he will blame and boot Ruff out the door to save himself.

Ken Randall

Matthews, N.C.


Faithful fans pay price for missing playoffs

So, up go the season ticket prices for all you faithful fans. I'll tell you why they went up. It's because the organization missed out on all that postseason revenue.

They say that they're still one of the best buys in the league. Well, I'll tell you this. As long as Darcy and Lindy have a lifelong membership as GM and coach, it won't be long before they are the most expensive seats in the league.

Dan Chudy



Bisons leave mark in baseball world

This lifetime Yankee fan visited the Los Angeles Dodgers' spring training complex in Arizona last month with the hope of getting Don Mattingly's autograph and picture. I was with my two adult sons who share my passion for baseball and who grew up collecting baseball cards and watching Bison baseball. While waiting for the current Dodger manager, my sons recognized former major leaguer and current Dodger broadcaster, Steve Lyons. He came right over to us when we asked for his autograph. When we mentioned that we were from Buffalo, he smiled and began talking about his short stay here as a player in the White Sox organization in the 1980s.

He remembered the short fence in War Memorial Stadium and specifically asked about The Butcher and The Earl of Bud. Needless to say we were surprised that Bison baseball made such a lasting impression on the life of a major leaguer.

Mark Sansone



Stanford's Howell leaves an impression

In all my years covering Stanford football, there has never been a harder hitter than safety Delano Howell. He'll be a great special teams player for the Bills, mark my words. He may even break into the starting lineup.

No one will try harder or be a better team player than Howell.

John Reid

Palo Alto Daily News


Putting more money into The Ralph a waste

To put more than $200 million dollars in Ralph Wilson Stadium would be a waste of taxpayers' money. You cannot keep putting millions of dollars in a stadium every few years that is 40 years old. There has been talk about building a new one downtown.

This would absolutely make more sense. This is where the stadium should have been built in the first place. To keep costs down it does not have to be a dome. The Jets and the Browns have built beautiful open air stadiums.

Football was always meant to be played outdoors anyway. I remember watching some great games in War Memorial Stadium which was not a palace but was a good place to watch football .

Stanley Marlinski


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