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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Bills: In response to Mark Gaughan's article about veteran free-agent quarterback Vince Young, who worked out with the Bills, Hank Sikorski of Las Vegas, Nev., retorted:

Based on his last years' touchdown-to-interception ratio, he seems like a perfect fit for the Buffalo Bills.

John J. Burke of Lyndhurst, Ohio, viewed optimistically:

Adding an older-but-wiser and now experienced Vince Young looks to me like a brilliant decision. Imagine other teams seeing VY in the Bills wildcat backfield on third down or at the goal line or at a random down.

I haven't seen much of his play as a pro, but his numbers are very compelling. My take is that his attitude is just where it should be for him and the Bills to be successful. I can't wait to find out if VY makes the Bills.

Finally, the fact that he is interested to try out with the Bills says a lot about the impact resulting from signing Mario Williams.

* * *

Donn Esmonde: The News columnist's take on the Buffalo Bills' apparent desire for $200 million in stadium upgrades elicited this suggestion from Robert Simpson of Livonia:

I say put the $200 million toward a new, retractable-roof stadium in downtown Buffalo. The team and state should pay the majority of the costs, similar to what is going to happen in Minnesota. Instead of only eight games per year, it can be used year-round for other events as well.

It would also improve ticket sales because the Bills have had a track record of not being able to sell out December games due to the combination of the team being out of the playoffs and cold weather. The stadium in Phoenix was built for only $455 million less than 10 years ago, so a new stadium doesn't always have to cost $1 billion.

Michael Vaughn of Newport News, Va., added:

There are at least five NFL teams that are in far worse situations than the Bills, notably Kansas City, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Cincinnati. These teams have been bleeding money for years and all have had the money target on their backs for years. At least Ralph Wilson Stadium is totally debt-free, making it fair game for some upgrades.

* * *

Bringing Medicaid home: An article by News medical reporter Henry L. Davis on the Health Home program, being initiated in Buffalo, brought this response from Errol Daniels of East Amherst:

Thanks to Henry Davis for informing us about this new initiative to reduce Medicaid costs, especially here at home. There is something wrong with New York State's system, which costs New York more than any other state. Perhaps there are some elements of the benefits that might be re-evaluated, but the best way to save our tax dollars is to be smarter about the way we spend them. Health Home is a good start.

* * *

Not a cat: My View writer Tim Allan's piece on his beloved Danny Boy caught the attention of Joann Gallagher of West Seneca, who wrote:

Oh, what a beautiful, touching "dog/cat tail." And, oh, how it tugged at my heartstrings as I read it!! And, one more "oh," your comment about being OK to cry couldn't have been more accurate. I was crying tears bittersweet tears since I felt that I could feel your pain, but also your love. Thanks for taking the time to share "Danny Boy" with us.

Justine Jopp of Tonawanda added:

How poetic "as light as a butterfly on a peony blossom."

How sensitive, deeply moving and intuitive it's OK to cry.

You got me, just like Danny Boy got you.