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Duplicate Bridge

Supervised Play for the Advancing Player starts Monday at the Bridge Center of Buffalo for players who have taken beginner classes and want to improve their game. Kathy Pollock begins with a free mini-lesson at 11:30 a.m. and class runs two hours. Cost per session is $8. Call 688-0054.

For the ninth year, the Airport Bridge Club hosts the ACBL-wide International Fund Stratified Pairs Game at 11 a.m. Thursday. Hand records and analysis by Frank Stewart will be provided. Master points will be half red with bonus awards from District 5. More than 50 overall points are available. Call 603-6943. 2

>Duplicate Scores

Week of April 23 to 29

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday -- A: John Ziemer and Jerry Geiger, 66.67%; B: Judy Kaprove and Nadine Stein, 59.26%; C: (tie) Paula Salamone and Miri Salamone-Burnett, Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman, 52.78%. Tuesday -- North-south, A/B: Wilson McClaren and Linda Vassallo, 63.52%; C: Don Grant and Mary Davey-Carr, 55.96%; east-west, A: Jerry Geiger and John Ziemer, 61.52%; B: John Kirsits and Paula Kotowski, 55.85%; C: Barbara Multerer and Art Schumacher, 52.30%. Wednesday -- A: Mike Kisiel and Paul Ganley, 59.26%; Harry Cheung and Bob Linn, 58.80%; B: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Chuck Schorr, 54.17%; C: Jean Sullivan and Linda Wynes, 50%. Thursday -- North-south, A: Ross Markello and Judi Marshall, 69.44%; B/C: Linda Wynes and Don Grant, 55.32%; east-west, A: Allen Beroza and Jerry Geiger, 54.40%; B: John Kirsits and Ken Meier, 54.40%; C: Joe Rooney and Bill Boardman, 53.24%. Friday -- North-south, A: Jim Mathis and Ken Meier, 64.88%; B/C: June Feuerstein and Barbara Sadkin, 57.14%; east-west, A: Barbara Libby and Jerry Geiger, 66.96%; B: Marian Morber and Margaret Miles, 50.89%; C: Judy Kaprove and Nadine Stein, 46.13%. Saturday -- A: Carolyn Siracuse and Dorothy May, 63.43%; B: Sam Grossman and Chuck Heimerl, 56.94%; C: Alice Bragg and Isabelle Banas, 51.39%. Sunday -- A: Paula Kotowski and Carlton Stone, 63%; B: Terry Band and Ten-Pao Lee, 54%; C: Michael and Ruth Kozower, 52%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Maryann Szafran and Paula Rosen, 58.52%; Marilyn Shuman and Ted Kahn, 57.39%; C: Gail Pitterman and Janie Polk, 42.61%; east-west, A/B: Miriam Dunkelgrun and Agi Maisel, 66.67%; Kathleen Stamm and John Marvin III, 57.77%; C: Lynn Witmer and Jeff Thier, 49.43%. Wednesday morning -- A: Bud Seidenberg and Judith Padgug, 67.31%; B/C: Carol Bedell and Tova Reinhorn, 56.09%; Joan Rose and Donna Steffan, 55.45%. Wednesday evening -- A: Bert Feasley and Bert Hargeshimer, 64.58%; Art Morth and Bill Rushmore, 55.21%; B: Jack Cukierman and Gabriel Tannenbaum, 44.79%. Thursday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B/C: Rose Bochiechio and Adrienne Sakavicius, 64.71%; Usha Khurana and Joe Miranda, 57.32%; east-west, A: Dorothy and Larry Soong, 60.89%; B/C: James McClure and Andrei Reinhorn, 58.16%; Lynn Witmer and Jeff Thier, 54.29%. Thursday evening -- North-south, A: Bert Hargesheimer and Linda Burroughsford, 62.73%; B/C: Joe Peters and Sushil Amlani, 53.94%; east-west, A: Warren O'Connell Jr. and James Reineck, 65.05%; B: Walt Olszewski and Peter Shui, 58.56%; C: Gaurang Sheth and Gary Schmitt, 50.46%. Friday -- North-south, A: Stanley Kozlowski and Alberta Brown, 62.96%; B: Claire Gareleck and Patricia Burns, 61.57%; C: Eva Schmidt and Mercedes Reinbolt, 48.15%; east-west, A/B: Robert Olin and Celine Murray, 62.04%; C: Carlton Stone and Ed Drozen, 50.46%. Saturday -- North-south, A: (tie) Bert Hargesheimer and Christy Kellogg, Luke Danielson and Anne Watkins, 57.44%; B: Claire Gareleck and Jeanne Gladysz, 52.68%; east-west, A/B/C: Tova Reinhorn and Agi Maisel, 59.82%; Sharon Wilcox and Janet Dimet, 55.65%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, Joanne LaFay and Lillian Gotshall, 61.11%; Bob and Joan Ciszak, 56.08%; east-west, Dan Clark and Dave Larcom, 60.71%; Ken Meier and Joe Rooney, 59.23%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning -- North-south, A/B: Anne Watkins and Rita Sofia, 69.49%; C: Marilyn Sultz and Mercedes Reinbolt, 48.56%; east-west, A/B: Arthur Morth and Arthur Matthies, 59.08%; C: Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 48.17%. Monday evening -- Swiss pairs. Bert Hargesheimer and Rick Benstock, 88 VPs; Carl Hasselback and Paul Zittel, 58. Tuesday -- Swiss pairs. Carol Bedell and Dorothy Soong, 77 VPs; Walt Olszewski and Ken Meier, 29.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, Joyce Kindt and Carolyn Siracuse, 58.57%; Edna Fill and Chuck Heimerl, 57.5%; east-west, Ron Fill and Adam Dzimian, 61.25%; Jane and Tom Gibbons, 54.59%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday -- A: James Madan and Mark Pascale, 65.28%; B: (tie) Mercedes Reinbolt and Jean Rosenthal, Joyce Kindt and Marge Schomers, 57.64%; C: Jasbeer and Violet Makhija, 48.61%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt -- Parmalier Murphy and Neola McGuire, 62.50%; Alice Bragg and Doanne Jackson, 59.39%. Amherst Sr. Center Monday -- North-south, Sam Grossman and Shirley Cassety, 63%; Dolores Shearer and Olga Lockwood, 48%; east-west, Joe Day and Lorey Repicci, 65%; Harry Rogers and Emily Wandass, 61%. Thursday -- North-south, Peg Gorham and George Mayers, 66%; Bruce and Jill Brown, 54%; east-west, Joan and Paul Lazarus, 61%; Neil Katz and Raj Puri, 57%. Canterbury Woods -- North-south, Eleanor Murray and Fred Nadel, 59%; Dick Munschauer and Jeannette Reid, 53.8%; east-west, Irwin Brock and Bernie Myer, 63.9%; Betty Ferrick and Mike Milch, 55%. Tonawanda Sr. Center -- North-south, Hank Ryan and John Wolf, 65%; east-west, Paul Morgante and Trudy Manaher, 61%.

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