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It was right to do nothing

Dear Abby: While standing in a serving line at a restaurant, a man commented to my wife about her weight. She was very upset. My take was, "Don't talk to strange men." Later, I wondered whether I should have confronted the guy, slugged him or waited for him in the parking lot.

As a young man I was prone to rash actions. I would like to think in my golden years that I have outgrown this tendency. Still, I'm not sure I handled the situation correctly. I want my wife to be confident that I would come to her defense. Please advise.

-- Texas Tom

Dear Texas Tom: Although as a young man you were prone to rash actions, as a mature one you gained the ability to control your temper. Had you confronted the boor, the situation would have escalated and you could have wound up in the pokey charged with assault. I'm advising you that you were correct to do nothing. The man is lucky your wife didn't "serve" him a fist sandwich. A lesser woman might have.


Suggest an exchange

Dear Abby: My husband and I attended his nephew's out-of-state wedding. A few weeks before, I had shipped a beautiful, expensive set of porcelain dishes from a high-end designer store. The nephew commented, "Those dishes don't go with anything we have." Should we request they be returned or ignore their lack of appreciation?

-- Appalled Aunt in Arizona

Dear Appalled: Your nephew's comment was extremely rude. If he and his bride weren't registered, and their preference of a china pattern wasn't clearly stated, you did the best you could under the circumstances and were generous.

Most high-end stores have websites that display their inventory. Rather than ask for the gift back (which would be equally rude), suggest he and his Mrs. go online and exchange the dishes for a pattern of their choice.