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Gerda Klein on PBS NewsHour: 'Holocaust should be used as a beacon'

Gerda Weissmann Klein, the Holocaust survivor who settled in Buffalo and wrote movingly of her experiences in many forms, was featured Wednesday night on the PBS NewsHour. Her autobiography, "All But My Life," became the basis of an Oscar-winning documentary. She also wrote a series of children's stories for many years in The Buffalo News.

In the interview with Judy Woodruff, Klein says that, given global events, it remains more important than ever to think about the meaning of the Holocaust:

"I just think the Holocaust should be used as a beacon to show of what hatred and intolerance and all those things which have led to so much pain all over the world is capable."

Klein received the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year from President Obama. She has devoted herself in recent years to causes involving immigration and citizenship.

Here is the video of her appearance on the PBS NewsHour:

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