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Drug deal goes bad, then turns quite dumb Victim, robbers all are arrested

If you've just robbed a drug dealer, and that drug dealer retaliates by ramming your car with his car, calling the police to report the hit-and-run accident isn't the smartest idea.

Because when police officers pull over that drug dealer, it's more than likely he's going to let the officers know you robbed him.

But it doesn't seem like any of the three men facing a slew of charges, following an alleged Lancaster drug deal gone bad, sufficiently thought out what they were doing.

"Everyone ends up arrested," said Lancaster Police Capt. Timothy R. Murphy, chief of detectives.

The convoluted episode began at about 11 a.m. Monday, when Lancaster police say two men called an acquaintance and asked him to come to a Cobblestone Court home to sell them some drugs in pill form. Murphy wasn't able to say precisely which drugs the men sought.

When the acquaintance, Ian Gammock, 23, of Goering Street in Cheektowaga, arrived with the pills, the two men jumped him, police said.

One, Salvatore Capitani, 22, of the Cobblestone Court address, struck Gammock in the face, with what is believed to be a golf club, before taking Gammock to the ground, Murphy said.

The other person at the house, Vincent Tagliarino, 32, of Mona Court, Depew, grabbed the pills and ran out to his car, according to Lancaster police.

Gammock managed to free himself, ran over to his 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, got in and smashed into Tagliarino's 2002 Pontiac Sunfire before driving off, Murphy said.

At this point, Tagliarino made the ill-fated decision to call police to report the accident, Murphy said.

Based on Tagliarino's description, Lancaster police began looking for Gammock's vehicle, which was spotted heading north on Lake Avenue by Detective Keith Kerl.

Kerl stopped Gammock's Monte Carlo on Lake near Como Park Boulevard and charged him with driving under the influence of drugs, Murphy said.

Police found a number of prescription pills in Gammock's vehicle, Murphy added.

"That's when [Gammock] tells him that these other two guys just robbed him of his drugs," the police captain said.

Police went back to the Cobblestone Court home, where they found Capitani and Tagliarino as well as a number of prescription pills, Murphy said.

It's not unusual for drug dealers to be robbed, Murphy said, but it is uncommon for one of the parties to call police afterward.

"They're not usually that stupid," he said.

In the end, Capitani and Tagliarino were charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

In addition to the DUI charge, Gammock also was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal sale of a controlled substance and was ticketed for leaving the scene of an accident.

The three men were arraigned before Lancaster Town Justice J. Michael Kelleher and taken to the Erie County Holding Center.