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Body art offends passenger

Dear Abby: On a recent airline flight, a man who sat behind me had his left leg out in the aisle most of the trip. He was wearing shorts, and you could see his large tattoo of a naked woman on his thigh. The drawing was very explicit, and there was no way to avoid seeing it because passengers had to cross over his leg to reach the bathroom.

How do you explain this kind of "art" to children? Would the airline have the right to ask him to cover the tattoo if it was objectionable?

-- Offended Traveler From New York

Dear Offended: Because body art could be classified as freedom of expression, I'm not sure they do. However, someone's leg protruding into the aisle might be considered a safety issue because it could cause a trip and fall. It would also impede food and beverage carts traveling up and down the aisle. Because you were offended, I hope you averted your gaze if you needed to make more than one trip to the lavatory, and if there were children in tow, that you didn't call their attention to the "picture."

> Stick to your values

Dear Abby: I'm a 20-year-old female junior in college. I am intelligent, attractive and friendly, and I want to remain a virgin until I'm married. This is not because of religious reasons. I have had a few relationships I thought were serious, but I ended up getting dumped for a "looser" girl each time, which really hurts.

My family and friends don't understand that waiting until marriage is part of who I am. Ironically, I was raised to think this was proper, but once I reached a certain age, everyone seemed to change their minds.

I'm not looking to get married for at least five years, which means a long wait for anyone who wants to date me. Am I going to be alone forever just because I won't jump into bed with a guy before we're married?

-- Principled in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Dear Principled: Not quite forever. I admire you for adhering to your values and so will the man who marries you.