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Customers weigh in on drive-thrus

Dear Abby: May I comment on the letter from "Working the Window in Georgia" (Jan. 22), the drive-thru worker who said people should have their orders ready when they pull up to the speaker? Many drive-thru restaurants place their speakers in FRONT of the first menu you see.

-- Peggy in Thornton, Colo.

Dear Peggy: My readers agree with you 100 percent! Their biggest "beef" is the menu being located only at the order window/speaker. Fast-food corporate America, please take notice. Read on:


Dear Abby: How are we supposed to have any idea of what to order when we don't see the menu until we pull up to the speaker? This is especially true when I try a new restaurant. If restaurants post anything before that, it is usually just a list of their most expensive combo meals. Sometimes the prices aren't even listed at the preview menu window.

Here are some suggestions for people working the windows:

1. I may not know your menu. So please give me a chance to look it over. If you don't want new customers to know what you offer, then I'll be happy to take my business elsewhere.

2. I know you are reading from a script, but if I don't want a combo meal, please do not ask me repeatedly if I want one.

3. Give me a chance to check my order when you hand it to me. I am really tired of getting to my destination only to find out my order is wrong.

4. Do not argue with me if I want to verify that my drink is a diet drink. I am diabetic and a non-diet soda could make me very sick.

5. Please understand that even if I don't have the radio on and there is no background noise, I may still have trouble understanding you. Perhaps the speakers are bad or I am slightly hearing-impaired.

6. Please give me a straw if I order a drink. I have worked fast food before, and I know from experience that it is not an easy job. Yes, there are rude customers, but there are also rude employees. I know that from experience, too.

-- Libby in Little Rock, Ark.