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Trivia Quiz

1. The "War of Roses" was a 30-year struggle for the throne of what nation?

2. The annual holiday Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day, occurs on the first day of what month?

3. With what does Section 1 of Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution deal?

4. A group of fish is referred to as a "school" of fish. What is the term for a group of bees?

5. Where in the human body is the pituitary gland?

6. Who wrote the children's story about a nightingale who sings for an emperor?

7. Who wrote the book "I'll Take Manhattan"?

8. The brassie and cleek are used in what sport?

9. True or false: Mucilage is secreted by certain plants?

10. One state has divisions rather than counties. Name the state.



1. England, in the latter 1400s.

2. July.

3. The vesting of legislative powers.

4. "Swarm."

5. It is near the middle of the brain. The pituitary regulates growth and controls secretions of other glands.

6. Hans Christian Anderson.

7. Judith Krantz.

8. Golf.

9. True.

10. Alaska. Another state, Louisiana, has parishes rather than counties.