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Is social networking good or bad?

What is a social network?

If you look up the definition of network, you will find it is a group of interconnected people or things. And that is exactly where we are now.

Let me back up. When we first discovered electricity, it opened limitless opportunities for communication. Starting from the phone, and on and on. Today we live in a world where anything we want posted or watched can be seen by millions in a matter of seconds. Now think of the sheer power we all hold.

For example, remember the show "TRL"? The MTV show was the best way in the early 2000s for artists to promote their music and get in touch with their fans. Then MySpace, Facebook and Twitter came and rendered the show useless because people can promote their stuff through computers.

Those are some of the positives of this network, but is it really social? What I mean is, doesn't it feel that with all this accessibility to one another we still seem isolated from one another?

When people didn't have phones and they wanted to talk to someone, they got up and walked to the person's house. Now when people want to do something, they call the person or text a message. It takes away a bit of the "social" part of the so-called social network.

So is it just a network that gives people the illusion of communication when it's really just more isolation (I know -- tone it down overthinker, but that's just an extreme viewpoint I wanted to through out there). What the network is going to evolve to next I have no idea (hopefully teleportation machines that beam us where we want to go like an email), but who knows? If you're still reading and haven't moved on to the next page (thanks), you might have noticed I just showed the negative effects of the social network. Everyone knows the positives because we use it every day. You have to look at it from both sides.

So next time you're on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else is included in the social network, think about where it's going and if it will benefit us? Or will it set us back?


Max Fisher is a junior at Leonardo DaVinci High School.