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Thompson's knee is sprained

Buffalo Bandits goalie Mike Thompson had a simple reaction to his knee injury suffered last week against the Edmonton Rush.

"It was a big bummer," he said.

The injury came on a harmless-looking enough play that took place shortly after the start of the game involving Edmonton's Tom Johnson.

"It seemed like a harmless dive across the crease," Thompson said. "I've been pretty good about protecting myself as far as diving into the crease is concerned. He seemed like he had a good angle, so I didn't really worry about the body. I just went after the ball. He clipped me a little bit. I guess I was vulnerable and open to it. He didn't hit me hard, so I just tweaked it [his knee] a little bit."

Thompson sat for the rest of the game. The good news came later, when Thompson was examined by a doctor and the goalie realized the injury could have been worse.

"I feel good. It's all about managing the pain right now," he said. "There was a low-grade sprain. I just have to deal with the pain and swelling right now."

There was no sign of structural damage that could have ended Thompson's season prematurely.

Opposing players often jump from outside of the crease into the area just in front of the net during indoor lacrosse games. It's an exciting play, but goaltenders often get hit and hurt as a result. The National Lacrosse League has been working to come up with a rule that covers the situation, but finding a solution has been elusive.

"We've been dealing with it for 10 years," coach Darris Kilgour said. "If I say any more I'll get fined or suspended."

"Kenny [Montour] had his career ended [on such a play]," Thompson added. "It's a pretty big topic here in Buffalo. I don't know if it's overlooked. We're trying to find answers and make some changes."

The injury left the Bandits in a difficult spot entering the game. They didn't want to dress Thompson as the backup to Anthony Cosmo for Saturday's game.

"I don't want him sitting on the bench, because that's just asking for Cosmo to get run," Kilgour said.

But activating Angus Goodleaf from the practice squad meant that someone on the roster would have to be released to make up for the goaltender. Kilgour decided to take his chances and sit Thompson on the bench. It worked, as Cosmo played well for the entire game.

Speaking of injuries, Kilgour revealed that Tracey Kelusky's Achilles tendon is fine. It's actually been a concussion that has kept him out of the lineup for the past few weeks.

Despite a small setback Friday, Kelusky was well enough to return to action Saturday night and had two goals.

Meanwhile, Darryl Gibson had a deep thigh bruise and was scratched, as was Travis Irving. Brandon Francis sat out the first of his three-game suspension.


The newest member of the Bandit Brigade is Spencer Anthony Cosmo, who arrived at 10:47 p.m. Tuesday night. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces. Father Anthony got the word after arriving at practice Tuesday and headed right back to Toronto.

"It's a lot of fun and excitement in our family's lives," Anthony said. "Mom is doing great and the baby is doing great.

"I'll keep him out of the net. He's going to be a goal-scorer."