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Selling Points

Some recent notable real estate deals in the Buffalo Niagara region:

1) Location: 205 Norwood Ave., Buffalo

Price: $213,000

Buyer: Irina V. Shamova

Seller: Joseph W. Laduca Sr.

Planned Use: Investment. Property is a two-story, 4,269-square-foot, multifamily building on 0.17 acres in the Bryant Avenue neighborhood. Built in 1890. Also has detached garage, three parking spaces and unfinished basement.

2) Location: 312 Genesee St., Buffalo

Price: $200,000

Buyer: Wendy Davis, through Davis Freight Management Inc.

Seller: David Zierk, through Zierk Inc.

Planned Use: Warehouse. Located near Michigan Avenue and Genesee Street, immediately south of the Kensington Expressway. Buyer is a freight moving company located on Elmwood Avenue. Zierk, the seller, is a stage lighting company.

3) Location: 19 Wadsworth St., Buffalo

Price: $161,000

Buyer: Jon R. and Lazara C. Nelson, through Pausa Art House

Seller: Kenneth C. Beaver and Wendes Jones

Planned Use: Uncertain. Property is 3,717-square-foot green-and-pink multifamily home or mixed-use house in Allentown with nine rooms, built in 1890. First floor is set up for commercial space. Former home of Sugar City Arts Collaborative, which will not remain in the building. Beaver and Jones have owned and rehabbed several properties on the street.

4) Location: 171 Bennett Village Terrace, Buffalo

Price: $160,000

Buyer: Hui Zhang and Niu Niu Xia

Seller: Dixie Smith and Jesse Smith (surrogate)

Planned Use: Property is a 5,520-square-foot, two-story, four-unit multifamily home in the Leroy neighborhood, built in 1945 on 0.20 acres. Also has detached five-car garage and partial basement.

5) Location: Vacant land on Old Goodrich Road, Clarence

Price: $145,000

Buyer: Thomas R. and Kim Marie Krug

Seller: Roger T. Czarnecki

Planned Use: Uncertain.

6) Location: 2839 Elmwood Ave., Tonawanda

Price: $118,000

Buyer: Derek and Joelle Golley

Seller: Dauria P. Duckworth

Planned Use: Uncertain. Property is 1,605-square-foot free-standing white-siding retail building. Formerly a beauty salon, with an attached two-bedroom home.

Erie and Niagara county clerks' offices, buyers, sellers and other records.