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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks the MLB teams top to bottom

(Through Thursday's games, last week in parentheses)

1 Texas Rangers. What World Series hangover? (5)

2 Detroit Tigers. Prince at .354 but just two HRs in 48 ABs. Comerica a tough power park. (1)

3 Los Angeles Dodgers. Easy to contend all year if Kemp stays in Triple Crown range. (2)

4 St. Louis Cardinals. NL Central looks even worse than last year. (4)

5 Washington Nationals. Fast start but still sub-20,000 crowds due to Caps' series. (7)

6 Atlanta Braves. Bounced back to go 8-1 after 0-4 start. (22)

7 Baltimore Orioles. Leading AL East after 13 games? Yeah, we all called that. (16)

8 Tampa Bay Rays. Playoff rematch at Texas starts Friday night. (6)

9 New York Mets. David Wright's pinky swears he's swinging a hot bat. (9)

10 New York Yankees. Grandy Man, Jeter both finding the power stroke. (12)

11 Miami Marlins. Four straight wins, but clock ticking on Ozzie's next cleat-in-mouth moment. (26)

12 Arizona Diamondbacks. In middle of 17 straight versus NL East teams. (3)

13 Cleveland Indians. Found their offense on the road and Damon will help too. (29)

14 Seattle Mariners. Felix throws 126 pitches in eight shutout innings, Ks 12, gets no-decision thanks to pen. (17)

15 Toronto Blue Jays. Failed early test at home against Tampa Bay. (8)

16 Chicago White Sox. Manto's group entered weekend tied for AL lead in strikeouts. (18)

17 Oakland Athletics. Think Yankees could use Bartolo Colon about now? (14)

18 Milwaukee Brewers. One HR, five RBIs for Braun in first 46 ABs. Hmmmm. (10)

19 San Francisco Giants. Posey last year, Wilson this year contribute to early toasting of title hopes. (20)

20 Colorado Rockies. Tip your cap to victorious Moyer, whose MLB debut was in 1986! (25)

21 Philadelphia Phillies. At 5-7, fell to last in NL East for first time since April 20, 2007. (11)

22 Cincinnati Reds. Just one home run for Votto in first 13 games. (13)

23 Houston Astros. Hit three triples in an inning against Nationals. (19)

24 Los Angeles Angels. Stunningly poor start for both team and Albert Pujols (no HRs in 54 ABs). (21)

25 Minnesota Twins. Won two in Bronx for first time since '01. (23)

26 Pittsburgh Pirates. Scored just 26 runs, batted only .205 in first 12 games. (24)

27 Boston Red Sox. Didn't take long for Bobby V to shake up the clubhouse. They had better start winning. (30)

28Kansas City Royals. Fans' high hopes crushed by 0-6 start at home. (15)

29 San Diego Padres. Brockport native Parrino batting .300 so far at 2B. (27)

30 Chicago Cubs. No extra-base hits from Alfonso Soriano. No chance. (28)