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There's no such thing as a little project

Who knew what a difference a few knobs could make?

Well, maybe not a few. More like 20. That's how many glossy black new knobs I recently bought (for less than $2 each) for our daughter's bedroom furniture, which is wood and painted white.

She simply removed the old white knobs, screwed in the new black ones and voila (she takes French), a whole new look.

We love little decorating projects like this. A new knob here, a splash of fresh paint there

But, really, who are we kidding? Small projects can easily become big projects if you let them.

These knobs are part of a minor room update that began simply enough with a new cover for the comforter. And I have a feeling it's not over.

This happens all of the time.

You begin straightening out a kitchen cabinet and end up emptying all of its contents onto the counter. Then you get some hot sudsy water and wipe out the cabinet. Then you decide what you really need is some new shelf liner and head out to the hardware store.

Then, while there, you check out all of the nifty cabinet shelf organizers.

And that's only one cabinet.

Similarly, a weekend painting project seems doable enough. But after you have completed, say, painting the foyer, you take a good look at the living room walls and decide they, too, could use a fresh coat.

After you've completed Painting Project No. 2 weeks -- months? -- later you wonder if the gleaming living room walls now make the lamp shades look dingy. Or if the chair upholstery looks outdated.

Or how about the homeowner who goes to put away the snow shovels and ice scrapers for the season and ends up rearranging the entire storage wall in the garage?

Or, while searching for a rubber band, decides to dump out the messy junk drawer and reorganize it?

It goes beyond decorating and housekeeping.

As one friend shared: "You start with one goldfish and end up with a 70-gallon tank and then go and buy the filter, plants, rocks, treasure chest and lighting and, of course, more goldfish!"

Now that spring is here, there is even more potential for seemingly endless projects.

You buy a couple bags of mulch and then decide to buy more in bulk and have it dumped on your property.

You clean off the patio furniture and then decide to touch up the frames or add new pillows or, for that matter, expand the entire patio to add another seating area.

You plant some tomatoes and dream about a vegetable garden. You ponder power-washing, adding a hot tub or planting more trees.

And, as everyone knows, one trip to the nursery can easily turn into another.

So, yes, the new knobs are nice. I can only imagine what's next.