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Eden School Board adopts budget

Officials in the Eden Central School District say no one will lose their jobs under the $25.18 million budget proposal for 2012-13 that the School Board adopted Thursday.

"Nobody is going to be laid off," Finance Director Lisa Almasi said.

Almasi said cuts were made to lines for substitute teachers, equipment repair and the unemployment budget.

"There is also a slight reduction in special education," she said.

The spending plan for next school year is a decrease in spending of about 3.7 percent from the current year's budget.

School Board President Steven Cerne said a projected budget gap of $1.9 million that was presented by Superintendent Ronald K. Buggs was reduced to $619,000 without any cuts in programs or activities.

"We closed the budget gap by $1.3 million beyond the original proposed budget without impact to students," he said.

"We are able to save more of our reserves for future years when the school budget situation in New York is expected to worsen."

Cerne said the tax levy increase will be 2 percent, which is below the district's state-imposed tax cap of 2.94 percent.

"Although it was a long process with a lot of hard work, we are very happy that we were able to put together a budget that maintains all programs and activities for the students and is respectful of taxpayers," Cerne said.

"I'm proud of the job we have done on behalf of our students and taxpayers, returning a budget that represents a taxable increase of an even 2 percent, rather than nearly 3 percent allowed by law, or the even greater increases Eden has seen for some years."

Almasi said tax rate figures would not be available until early next week.

District residents will vote on the budget May 15 and elect three School Board members from among four candidates: Scott Henderson, Michael M. Byrnes, Barbara Henry and Robert J. Reed.