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Classic Ani

Perhaps some of you have been worried that Ani DiFranco's midlife happiness and maternal contentment might have made her soft, politically speaking. Think again. Her latest effort, the stirring "Which Side Are You On?," rightly portrays DiFranco as the spiritual matriarch of a movement like Occupy Wall Street. Like an underground, alternative, mainstream-defying version of Bruce Springsteen, the DiFranco of "Which Side..." takes on the powers that belittle and besiege, with a blend of fearlessness and fierce musicality. It's classic DiFranco, then, and that's something the world needs, perhaps more so now than ever.

What we in Buffalo need, however, is a little face-time with our town's favorite ambassador to the music world at large. We'll get just that at 7 p.m. Sunday when DiFranco comes home to Asbury Hall @ Babeville (341 Delaware Ave.). Tickets are $32.50 ( Pearl and the Beard will open the show.

-- Jeff Miers