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Welcome to WordPress training

Welcome to the WordPress edition of Third Thursdays. Let's dig in.

We'll start by talking about featured photos and using photos in the body of a story. We'll go on to talk about adding such elements as videos, audio files, PDFs, social media network posts and other interactive elements (such as a Google Map). We'll also cover how to copy and paste without messing up formatting and how to link to related content.

Once we've got all that down, I'll show you how to rearrange your WordPress dashboard and answer questions.

Step-by-step instructions for all of this can be found in the "WordPress: Tips on accessing, writing and embedding" doc linked on the intranet.

Without further adieu:

Adding a photo within a story


Adding a PDF

[PDF: Councilman's letter]

Adding a video (YouTube)

example one

Embedding social media posts

Embedding other types of media with iFrame embed code 

Example: Google Maps

Why aren't these working for me? (or: Why we need to be careful about copying and pasting)

If you're trying to embed something and all you see is text, corrupted type is often to blame. Here's where we get into the need to copy and paste cleanly.

By Kenneth Young
News Contributing Reviewer
Who can resist a good old “stranded on a desert island” tale, the standard allegory for our existential predicament?
Nearly a decade in the making, Dutch director Michael Dudok de Wit has teamed up with the famed Japanese animation factory, Studio Ghibli to produce “The Red Turtle,” a gorgeous, Oscar-nominated art/anime film, awash in pastel color, muted tones and line-drawn detail. The perspective emphasizes the smallness of man, the vastness of nature, the long shadow, panning from above.

It has a kind of lush minimalism, intentionally simple as if to underline childlike wonder and the invitation – no, demand – to posit meaning to its narrative struggle. There are soaring strings and a sweet soprano to score the flights and feints of birds and fish, but there are no words spoken, no dialogue to interrupt the mystic indulgence and pretension to fable. And from this laserlike focus on the style comes an element of audience fatigue, like an hour and a half working on the New Yorker cartoon captioning contest.

Corrupted example

How to link to related content

Example: in-line links

Welcome to WordPress training

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