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The Grammar Guru

It isn't well known, but once a month in ancient Greece, all the gods met on top of Mount Olympus to catch up on things.

One time, Zeus, their leader, announced that someone had stolen one of his thunderbolts, which he used to fling at anyone who upset him.

His brother, Hades, cried, "You think I did it, don't you!? Whenever anything goes wrong, it's me first! Just because I'm the head of the underworld, you have it in for me!"

Zeus cried, "Lose the attitude, pal! If you don't stop complaining, I'll let one of my 'bolts loose on you, and you'll really have something to complain about!" They carried on like that until Zeus went off to meet one of his girlfriends.

That's when their sister, Hestia, the goddess of fire, appeared. "Hi, Hades. How about switching chores with me for a day? I just got some lovely, new robes, and I'd like to show off my figure."

Hades agreed to make sure that fire behaved itself and Hestia left. It would be nice to say that everything went perfectly after that, but that would be a fairy tale. Hera, Zeus' wife, came looking for him, and nobody knew what to tell her; after all, it was her job to take care of married women, especially those whose husbands cheated on them! Finally, Hades said, "Zeus, uh, went to read the riot act to some humans who've been demonstrating loose behavior." Hera seemed to buy that and, relieved, everyone went to dinner.

Remember: loose -- not tight in clothes, morals, just about everything

Lose -- misplace or get rid of, as in, "I tried to lose my taste for apples, but I wasn't successful," Eve told Adam.



1) "I hate (lose/loose) nails," said the carpenter.

2) "Can you spare any (lose/loose) change?" asked the Secretary of the Treasury.

3) "I've been trying to (lose/loose) a few pounds," the elephant told the gazelle, "but I can't seem to make any headway."



1) loose (His wife, who had heard this many times, switched on the TV.)

2) loose (Things really are tough all over.)

3) lose (The gazelle chortled and said, "Why don't you lock your trunk so you can't pile up the peanuts?!")