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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk's office for the week ending March 9.


Thrall Road, James Gizzarelli Jr.; Lorraine M. Gizzarelli to Tiffany R. Ellis, $85,000.

Lockport Road, John R. Wasik; George M. Wasik to Turner Properties Inc., $50,000.



1363 Swann Road, Robin A. Patry; Graham E. Luskin; Brenda L. Bodenstein; Robert G. Luskin to Jody D. Barron, $85,000.



Elmwood Ave., Long K. Pham to John Sun, $8,500.



5744 Leete Road, William J. Martin; Honor C. Martin to Diana Firkins; Christopher R. Firkins, $238,000.

Woodhaven Drive, Catherine Mozumdar; Shaymal Mozumdar to William J. Martin; Honor C. Martin, $220,000.



Highest price: $145,000

Average price: $60,655

Median price: $50,000

Number of Sales:11

Terrace Drive, Maria Sertick; Maria A. Trapasso to Paul R. Kudela; Danielle C. Kudela, $145,000.

99th St., Mary A. Witkowski; Michael A. Hamel to Kevin J. Collins, $92,000.

99th St., Karen Crossley to Martin J. McDonough; Erin E. McDonough, $69,000.

Independence Ave., Anthony Michael Boccanera; Norma Grace Boccanera; Mark A. Boccanera; Linda M. Seefeldt; Michael A. Boccanera; Richard A. Boccanera to Shari Ralands; Reuben Ralands, $67,000.

Independence Ave., Catherine Bartolomei; John P. Bartolomei; Caterina Bartolomei to Christine A. Falsetti, $65,000.

507 76th St., Robert D. Edwards to Frank R. Faltisco; Annette M. Faltisco, $50,000.

Whitney Ave., Don Rinehuls to Yvonne A. Pascuzzi; Joseph C. Pascuzzi, $45,000.

86th St., Riverpark Condo Unit A5, Shirley M. Godzisz; Henry T. Godzisz to Natalie Sterns, $41,200.

17th St., Joanne S. Leta; Louis P. Destino to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $40,000.

89th St., James E. Hallman; Adele T. Hallman to Joshua J. Thomson, $35,000.

Whitney Ave., Beatrice Beyer to Buffalo Enterprises, $18,000.



Wheatfield St., Robert Starr to 525 Wheat Llc, $280,000.

Sisson Drive, Ronald J. Krul to Sean Morningstar, $178,800.

Evans St., Carolyn Pimpinella; David Abt; Irving T. Abt; Beverly Moore; Shirley Cleere; Mary H. Abt to Patrick J. Brady, $82,500.



Pendale West, Heather A. McGuire; Heather A. Barrick to Sharon M. Jones; Christopher M. Jones, $287,000.



Lake Road, William H. Price; Elizabeth A. Cummings to Damon Decastro, $325,000.



Hartland Road, Stephanie J. Verratti; Jeremy L. Verratti; Stephanie J. Moore to Janet L. Thomas; Donald J. Thomas, $81,500.



Alder Creek Drive, Michael P. Warren to William C. Whiting, $190,000.

Lockport Road, Donna Kohl; Robert John Kohl to David Matsulavage; Christine A. Matsulavage, $130,000.

River Road, Robert A. Brozek; Carol A. Brozek to Coleen M. Koehn, $107,400.