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TV Mail Box

Q: What happened to the program "The Finder"?

-- Arliene Detrie, Butler, Wis.

A: After a few weeks off the air, when Fox was realigning its prime-time schedule for the rest of the current season, the "Bones" spinoff starring Geoff Stults has rejoined the lineup in a Friday slot. Its season finale is scheduled for May 11.


Q: I recently picked up seasons 1 and 2 of "Justified," and to my disappointment, I found out that Season 3 is available only on per-episode download. Does this mean future seasons will not be coming out on DVD?

-- Jim Bender, Attica.

A: No. Bear in mind that Season 3 of the Timothy Olyphant-starring show only recently finished its run on FX, and in most cases, it takes several months afterward for a full season of a television series to get a home-video release. The drama has been picked up for a Season 4 likely to start early next year, and the preceding season's DVD release traditionally hits around the same time. Look for the home video premiere of Season 3 then.


Q: What ever happened to "Detroit 1-8-7"?

-- Wanda Nordeen, Galesburg, Ill.

A: It never got past its first season, which ended on ABC in March of last year. Pretty much determining that it wouldn't be back was the fact that the show that replaced it, Dana Delany's "Body of Proof," immediately scored much higher ratings. Though "Detroit" creator Jason Richman said shortly afterward that he hoped to continue the show on a cable network, the opportunity for that seems slight now, since not another peep about that has been heard for a year.