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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks the MLB teams from top to bottom

(Through Thursday night's games, Preseason rankings in parentheses)

1 Detroit Tigers. Started 5-1 and Verlander winless due to Valverde's two blown saves. (1)

2 Los Angeles Dodgers. No ownership drama. Best start in years. Hmmm. (14)

3 Arizona Diamondbacks. 5-1 start is their best since 2000. (8)

4 St. Louis Cardinals. Freese still thinks calendar says October. (15)

5 Texas Rangers. Wonder if they wanted a refund during Darvish's four-run first inning. (7)

6 Tampa Bay Rays. Sent quick message to the American League with sweep of Yanks. (6)

7 Washington Nationals. Desmond led MLB in hits in first week with 13. (18)

8 Toronto Blue Jays. Cut foam, er, beer sales to one per person in upper deck for home opener. Deadspin still got fan brawl vids. (11)

9 New York Mets. New Citi dimensions already a boon for lineup. (28)

10 Milwaukee Brewers. Important to start decently with no Prince. (12)

11 Philadelphia Phillies. All those spring rumors about Halladay seem silly. (5)

12 New York Yankees. Season didn't start until they got on plane out of Florida. (3)

13 Cincinnati Reds. It was $72.5 million ago that we knew Phillips as a kid eating turkey on white in the basement of Washington and Swan. (13)

14 Oakland Athletics. Cespedes showing monster power. (23)

15 Kansas City Royals. Only rotation with a better ERA is star-studded Phillies. (25)

16 Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees' feel-good opponent for more than a decade. (24)

17 Seattle Mariners. Starting in Japan and then returning for "spring training" was plain goofy. (26)

18 Chicago White Sox. Calm Ventura has been the anti-Ozzie so far. (27)

19 Houston Astros. Got off to 2-1 start for first winning record since 2009. (30)

20 San Francisco Giants. Lincecum at 12.91 through two starts. (4)

21 Los Angeles Angels. Can't blow 6-0 leads to teams like the Twins. Period. (2)

22 Atlanta Braves. Dark signs of spring continued with 0-4 start on the road. (17)

23 Minnesota Twins. Team average went from .190 to .250 with Thursday's 20-hit outburst vs. Angels. (22)

24 Pittsburgh Pirates. Battled Phillies hard but have to get offense going. (20)

25 Colorado Rockies. Moyer 0 for 2 so far. (19)

26 Miami Marlins. So much for all that goodwill with the new ballpark. (10)

27 San Diego Padres. In a military town, those camoflauge unis really work. (29)

28 Chicago Cubs. Theo's not in Fenway anymore. (21)

29 Cleveland Indians. Signing Damon an early desperation move for team batting .176. (16)

30 Boston Red Sox. Bobby V's snark can't combat 6.40 team ERA. (9)