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Letters / Our readers speak out

Pegula needs a wake-up call

Here we go again. At least one more year of the Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier tandem. I understand Terry Pegula has been in charge for only a season and a half but didn't he look at the body of work for the past 15 years with these two?

I thought Pegula was only interested in winning. Well under Ruff and Regier, one trip to the Stanley Cup finals 13 years ago, and zero championships. Fancy locker rooms and parties on the plaza will not turn this team into winners. The fans deserve more than what they've been getting from these two.

Mr. Pegula, it is time for a change at the coaching and GM levels. Are you trying to tell the fans of Buffalo that these are the only two people capable of doing these jobs? Wake up Terry Pegula. All your money does not guarantee a winner.

Brian Gable

Orchard Park


Time for Sabres to hold a firesale

A season of discontent, no bang for your buck, Mr. Pegula. You had the third-highest payroll, now what? Two minutes for delay of fun. How about a fire sale? It's time for some new scouts. Off nights, off year, hello offseason. The players play 82 games and they end up a failure. Ruff is a good coach, but not for this team.

James Furcoat



Lucic is to blame for Sabres' struggles

After hearing the analysis of why the Sabres missed the playoffs by sportscasters, sports talk show hosts, and armchair coaches, I have two words to offer: Milan Lucic. So, it wasn't really the Flyers who caused the Sabres woes, but the Bruins.

C.M. Silvaroli



Ruff's coaching called into question

As a Buffalo Sabres season-ticket holder, I applaud Lindy Ruff's ripping his team for not making the playoffs (again). However, I wonder if Ruff is including himself. After all, he is the coach of a team that has missed the playoffs three of the last five years and lost in the first round the other two times. Ruff is good at two things: saving me money on playoff tickets and minimizing playoff disappointment.

I have two questions for Ruff. Why do you play your fourth line against the other teams' top lines? Why do you split your defensive pairings at the end of games?

To Terry Pegula, stop acting as Lindy Ruff's cheerleader and start acting as an owner who ACTUALLY wants to win the Stanley Cup.

David Park



Regier's time as GM should be up

Darcy Regier is a good and honorable man, but those are not qualities that entitle him to be Sabres GM for life. His shortcomings are many. He's too loyal to mediocre players, gives bloated contracts for underachievers, won't trade in season, etc. These all undeniably hurt the team. I know this is year one for Darcy, in terms of working for Mr. Pegula, but his track record so far is allowing the team to wallow through a 12 game road-losing streak and, thus, miss the playoffs. Many in league history have been fired for much less, and it is time for the Sabres to do what successful teams do when they are struggling: remove those who are causing the struggles.

Mr. Pegula was very smart in hiring Ted Black from the Penguins to be his advisor and the President of the team. It is time to make a similar such move and pluck Jim Nill, longtime Red Wings assistant GM and vice president, to be our next GM. Mr. Nill has been key in that franchises continued success. Now is the time to act, before the draft and free agency, and this is a very smart hockey move that will likely pay off now and for many years to come.

Marc L. Rummenie

East Aurora


Bills starting to look like winners

They say that "clothes make the man," and after getting a look at the Bills' new uniforms I thought that they finally got it right. But the axiom, "if it ain't broke don't fix it," seems to apply here. So why did they add a white collar that looks totally out of place around the neck? Actually last year's jerseys were very good except that they couldn't decide where to put the stripes. But they corrected that this year by putting them squarely on the arms. Good job Nike!

And since they have finally got the uniforms right maybe the Bills are getting the team squared around, keeping their own players and signing some very good free agents. The Bills splurging on Mario Williams isn't because Ralph opened up his wallet. In the new collective bargaining agreement all teams are now required to spend to the cap forcing owners like Wilson to spend more than they would normally. If he really opened up his wallet he wouldn't be asking Erie County taxpayers to foot the entire bill to renovate the stadium that bears his name!

John W. Kowalski


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