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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Sabres: In response to News sports reporter John Vogl's article on the team's lost season, Rick Maciejewski of Blasdell observed:

It was funny hearing the coach and players say it took a while to get used to new players on the team and about the chemistry. Look at Florida. Have not been in the playoffs since 2000, so in the off-season brought in a rookie coach, about nine or more new players and ended up winning their division. Hey Sabres, where was their problem adjusting? Before the season, who thought Florida would be better with that much change?

We need new sets of eyes running and coaching this team. Someone with new ideas, because missing the playoffs six times out of the past 10 years should not keep getting more chances to fail.

Richard Zabadal of Vestal said:

Everyone in the organization is too comfortable with the status quo. The GM and coach have not produced and still have jobs. Mr. Pegula hardly said anything all year, and no shake-up of the players happened even when they were losing 12 road games in a row. A wake-up call could have saved the season and at least got them a few extra points to make the playoffs, but as usual status quo, no playoffs, have a good summer. Now who do I root for to win the Cup this year?


What's so funny?: Following News staff reporter Charity Vogel's article on CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's mirthful reaction to Buffalo's Dyngus Day celebration, Amber Healy of Arlington, Va., said:

Western New York is my home. I live in the Washington, D.C., area now and was so disappointed to find that not a single establishment down here -- not even the Polish Embassy! -- had a Dyngus Day event on Monday. Sad! I was a little annoyed with Mr. Cooper's antics, but meh, he doesn't understand. Or maybe he's just jealous that he's not Polish. Who's to say? As a proud third-generation Pole (my grandma went to St. Stan's when she was little), it's better to pity him, laugh at our own jokes and the specialness of Western New York, and move on. It'd be great for him to check out the festivities next year, but if not, that just means more room at the Polish Villa for someone else.

Amy Scime of Baltimore, Md., added:

Come on, people! If you had to say the word Dyngus more then five times, you'd be bursting out laughing, too! Who wouldn't? It's a funny word! But seriously, Mr. Cooper! You should make next year's festivities! I have never been to Dyngus Day, it will be my first one, too, next April! You will have a blast!


Arts in Springville: News arts critic Colin Dabkowski's Gusto story about the Springville Center for the Arts brought this comment from Michael Donahue of Wilmington, Del.:

Nice job to everyone involved! Springville really is a nice town, it's great to see it trying to reinvent itself by injecting some new energy and ideas. So many Main Streets are vacant across the country because of big-box stores lurking on the outskirts of town, sucking the money out if it. Nothing but good things can be in "downtown" Springville's future if the focus is redirected to the heart of the village.


Donn Esmonde: The News columnist's piece on letting the penny die brought several comments, including this from Louis Ciola of Snyder:

I think that we should eliminate all currency and then go to debit cards across the board. It would save a fortune, and if it's lost, you can always call up and cancel it. Debit cards don't wear out like paper money and are used all the time. They are easy to program and can make life so much simpler.

Sherry Balch of East Aurora said:

Ugh. I hate pennies. I would be glad to see them go. I can't stand having to dig for those two or three pennies so I can get silver change back.