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The wonders of Facebook or -- depending on your point of view -- not so much

Paul Ford's terrific New York magazine piece on Facebook's purchase of Instagram includes this great line:

"In terms of user experience (insider jargon: "UX"), Facebook is like an NYPD police van crashing into an IKEA, forever — a chaotic mess of products designed to burrow into every facet of your life. "

So true, and yet we love it.  The talk of our newsroom early this week was a Facebook-shared photo of Jeff Simon, our longtime arts editor and movie critic, bidding a tearful goodbye to his two-year-old grandson, Milo, at the Buffalo airport.  Milo, whom few of us have ever met, is something of a rock star in our office, as a direct result of his Facebook presence on his adoring grandfather's site.

 It's all very weird.  Just moments ago, I somehow felt compelled to announce to the world, or at least to my Facebook friends, that I had a mom-daughter manicure planned. And I learned what another close relative had for dinner last night.

At any rate, here's the full Paul Ford piece about Facebook and Instagram -- well worth a read.

For those who are still decrying the Facebook timeline switchover, here's some inspiration from CNN, which provides a photo gallery of some of the more creative uses of the forced-upon-us change.

And for the local angle, here is News reporter Steve Watson's recent front-page piece on the timeline controversy.