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The Grammar Guru

Lynette was always asking questions that made people think she was a mad, crazy old woman.

One day, when she and her friend, Dora, were having lunch, she said, "I've always wondered how some nicknames came about. It's strange, if you think about it. For example, 'Bob' is short for 'Robert.' 'Rob' I can understand, but 'Bob'? And why 'Bill' for 'William,' and 'Jack' for 'John?'

"And," she went on, "who do you think tied the very first knot? Someone had to be first. People probably just wrapped string around something and stuck the ends in somewhere until somebody discovered how to tie a knot."

Most people would become impatient and angry with Lynette. But while Lynette prattled, Dora drifted off in a daydream about her favorite actor, Paul Newman. They'd go off together, and Dora knew her perfect life with Paul would enrage Lynette and make her go mad. Well, madder than she already was.


Angry = incensed, enraged

Mad = insane



1) When they were growing up, Princess Mary would taunt her sister, Princess Kate, until Kate became (mad/angry) and made a fuss.

2) "You really want me to climb the Empire State Building?" King Kong asked the movie producer. "Are you (mad/angry)?"

3) "The bank wouldn't give me a loan," the robber told the police, "so I got (mad/angry) and decided to get it for myself."



1) angry

2) mad

3) angry