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Letters / Our readers speak out

Did football gods smile on Bills?

Was it divine intervention back in March when summer-like weather greeted Mario Williams and Mark Anderson as they toured the Buffalo Bills facility prior to making a decision on where to continue their careers? It had to be right, things like this don't happen do us, do they?

It couldn't have been that Buddy Nix, Russ Brandon, Dave Wannstedt, Chan Gailey and entire Bills organization/fraternity did a remarkable sell job this time around, could it? They've had their chances to lure some decent free agents to Buffalo, haven't they? Why the success now? Was it the money? Was it the new defensive coordinator? Was it the simplistic approach to life that this area offers? Was it Jim Kelly's backyard? Who knows? All we know is something clicked this time and it sure feels good.

The summer around here should bring some long overdue hope into fall.

Dale Slisz



Without overhaul, Cup talk is just that

Mr. Pegula is so much like Rex Ryan, coach of the New York Jets Football Team. He talks the talk and not much else. So much for winning multiple Stanley Cups. We can't even get into the playoffs. The third time in five years.

The Sabres need a major overhaul. A new GM who can bring in talented players who have character and will put in an honest effort like Marcus Foligno.

We need a new coach who won't lose his players for months at a time. Mr. Pegula is going to regret keeping Lindy and letting Kevin Dineen move on. Kevin took a last place club (Florida) and has that team in the playoffs.

Mr. Pegula, enough of Talking the Talk. Walk the walk. Put as much effort in building this team as you have done in decorating the building.

Robert Murphy

West Seneca


Sabres should seek Bowman's expertise

The Buffalo Sabres as presently organized, will never win a Stanley Cup. Mr. Pegula, hire Scotty Bowman as a consultant to search for candidates as a general manager and coach. Fire the Regier-Ruff combo and bring in leadership to get the job done. One mandate to the new general manager, make changes to the roster by adding more physical talent. Use Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as prime examples.

John Poole



Will false hope lead to real change?

Here we go again.

Hope raised, hope crushed.

Spirits uplifted only to be dashed again.

Playoffs loomed but didn't bloom.

Sabres fans were fanatic but should have known after all these years, fanaticism doesn't win games -- players do.

Miller is portrayed to be either the hero or the goat. But it really shouldn't be that way. All the blame should not be on him, but the players in front of him. How much can one man do? He kept us in games when it looked hopeless.

So the players have no one to blame but themselves.

There might be actually one good thing that arises from missing the playoffs. Mr. Pegula may say enough is enough.

I need a new general manager and coach for the sake of the community and your team. I've seen enough of Lindy on the bench, haven't you?

Paul DiVito



Give Selig an error for opening in Japan

For more than one hundred plus years, Americans have been fed that the great game of baseball is our national pastime. As the old Chevy ad used to say "Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet." From Ruth, to Williams, to Aaron, to Mays, from CrackerJacks, peanuts and ice cream bars, you got little argument from anybody that baseball was truly our game with its rich traditions.

In many recent years, it sickens me that Bud Selig has allowed baseball to open our season over in Japan. Where does this ridiculous thinking come from? Major League Baseball should be kept in our country, especially Opening Day where the Reds used to always begin the season first.

From New York to Seattle, kids with gloves, entire families together and the smell of ballpark food helps make opening day what it is a fabulous event for all involved.

Two teams play a two game set, than return for more exhibition games? Truly one of the dumbest things I have seen in following this game since 1968.

Heck, while Selig and his associates are at this, they may as well change the lyrics to the song everyone sings at the seventh innings stretch, too.

They have ruined the great tradition, so why not destroy the song tied in to our so called patriotic game. MLB over the years has claimed to fix the 80's drug scandal, and of course the steroid era, but opening in Japan is one big error in my scorecard.

Joseph Zanghi



Focus on Diggins' talent, not looks

Welcome to the 21st century where women are still noticed for how they look versus what they accomplish. Regardless of whether Skylar Diggins could be a supermodel, she chose to be a basketball player. She should be recognized in the Sports section for these efforts. Mr. Gleason goes on to say she might be one of the best players in the country but only after gushing about her looks for far too long in this era. When was the last time someone began an article about Derek Jeter or Fred Jackson that way?

Russ Sampson


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