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Jeanneret finds he's not really the retiring type

Rick Jeanneret was play-by-play man for 57 of the Sabres' 82 games this season. The schedule was one that he designed himself, with the blessing of Sabres management, as he wanted to cut back on his workload and travel mileage as he nears age 70.

Now Jeanneret thinks he might have overdone this whole retirement thing.

He is not going back to working a full schedule next year, his 41st season as a Sabres broadcaster. But Jeanneret told The News on Thursday he may well increase his workload a bit in 2011-12.

"I thought during this season that perhaps I should have done a few more games than I did," said Jeanneret, who worked 39 home games and 18 road games this season. "When you pick the games at the start of the season it all looks great. Then in January I had 17 days off. I spent some of them in Florida, I spent some of them with my wife yelling at me around the house, saying 'Why aren't you working?' "

"There were a couple of games near the end of the schedule that I could have done."

When Jeanneret and Harry Neale take a night off, Kevin Sylvester takes over as play-by-play man and Danny Gare as analyst. They have done a solid job, but Sabres fans who grew up listening to Jeanneret know there is nothing like the real thing.

On Thursday, Sabres President Ted Black was on WGR Radio. He talked about a recent meeting with Jeanneret where they discussed his desire to work a few more games.

"I'm not suggesting I am coming back to do all the games. I just think my schedule could have been adjusted. Until next season's schedule comes out, I can't do anything until then. I just went overboard a bit this season. I took 17 days off in January and actually did something on about 10 of those days."

Black also suggested the Sabres would rather spread out their games a bit next year, rather than playing so many back-to-back games. That might also make things a little easier on Jeanneret.

"I will wait until the next schedule comes out in the summer, just as I did last year," Jeanneret said. "I don't want to make a big deal out of this. There are too many things we don't know.

"There's also the possibility of a work stoppage [in the NHL]. There are so many questions that have to be answered."


Follow the bouncing ball

It's Masters Sunday, one of the great days of the year for golf fans. You know where to find today's TV coverage -- on Channel 4 at 2 p.m. But as many of us know, it's not enough to just watch TV any more; it now seems like a requirement to jump onto Twitter and share your observations with the world about what you're watching.

On any given Sunday, my Twitter reading includes probably way too many golf figures, from media types to players to swing coaches. Here are 10 Twitter stops I recommend for a lazy Sunday while tuned to Augusta:

*Dan Jenkins ( The grand old man of golf writing is at his best during the majors, when he knows he has a large Twitter audience.

*Steve Elkington (@elkpga): The veteran player, a regular guest on Jim Rome's radio show, is irreverent, opinionated and not shy about expressing himself.

*Paul Azinger: Very opinionated, on golf, whatever other sport he's watching on TV, and politics.

*John Paul Newport (@jpnewport): Golf columnist for Wall Street Journal and collector of humor from the press room.

*Sir Nick Faldo (@NickFaldo006): The TV analyst and multi-majors winner has an economy with words, even by Twitter standards.

*SI Golf Group (@si_golf): A content-rich collaboration between Golf magazine and Sports Illustrated's golf writer.

*Geoff Shackelford (@GeoffShac): Golf journalist/blogger who covers it all. He is a must-follow during the majors.

*Lorne Rubenstein (@lornerubenstein): The veteran Toronto golf scribe is full of wit, wisdom and good linkage.

*Alan Shipnuck (@AlanShipnuck): Another plugged-in golf journalist. Shipnuck is also the co-author of "The Swinger," a recent novel based on Tiger Woods' tribulations.

*Hank Haney (@HankDHaney): Speaking of Woods, His Tigerness' former swing coach is the author of the tell-all book about him, "The Big Miss." And, Haney occasionally tweets about things other than the book.