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Teen confesses to killing mother

Kit Darrant was having a party. As he blasted his music and laughed with friends Tuesday night, however, Darrant was hiding a dark secret. His mother's butchered body was decomposing in the next room.

Kit, 16, a student at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, later told investigators he killed his mother, Renette Emile, 35, because he was angry at her for scolding him about staying out late on a week night.

Then, according to a Miami-Dade police arrest affidavit, he cleaned up the blood, sprinkled her body with deodorizers and laundry detergent and wrapped it in bedsheets.

That was March 27.

Four days later, he threw a party.

For eight days, police said Kit took care of his 3-year-old brother at their apartment in the sprawling Jade Winds complex near North Miami, coming and going.

Relatives kept calling, but he told them his mother couldn't come to the phone.

Finally, his aunt, Rena Emile, stopped by the complex Wednesday night and discovered her sister's body.

Police said she had been stabbed 14 times.

"He kept making excuses," Rena Emile said.

According to the Miami-Dade arrest affidavit, Kit and his mother quarreled about his late hours.

He said he was angry and decided to kill her when she went to bed. He choked and repeatedly stabbed her.

His baby brother was sleeping in the next room.

Afterward, Kit wiped the blood from the knife, removed his soaked clothing and went to sleep, police said.

The next morning, he cleaned up the bedroom covered the body and tried to hide the smell as the body decomposed, authorities said.

Over the next few days, neighbors and security guards at the gated complex noticed Darrant driving his mother's car at all hours. He played his music loudly and kids were going in and out.

Friends and family said Kit had been in and out of trouble and that his mother was threatening to put him in boot camp.