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Hillary Clinton: her popularity, her political future -- and her scrunchies

O-HILLARY-WATERMARKED-1-570It used to be that Hillary Clinton was a "love her or hate her" kind of gal.  She was admired by many but demonized by the members of what she once called a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

But these days, it's mostly the former. Americans are enthusiastic about her most recent incarnation as Secretary of State. 

According to a profile by Racheal Combe in the May issue of Elle magazine, Clinton -- who was a regular visitor to the Buffalo News editorial board in her previous role as New York senator --  now "seems to get a standing ovation every time she opens her mouth."

A recent Gallup poll pegs her as the nation's most admired woman, coming out ahead of Oprah Winfrey, and she's frequently mentioned as a presidential candidates in 2016, despite her insistence that she's not interested.

The story can't refrain from that well-worn subject -- Hillary's hair -- and reports that some members of her staff would like to ban the hair scrunchies that allow the world traveler to pull her blonde locks into an emergency chignon. 

Here's the Elle profile.  The portrait at right is from the magazine photo shoot.

And here's a piece from London's Daily Telegraph that suggests that Clinton may not be as reluctant to run for president in 2016 as she once was.  Says who?  None other than the "grandmaster of political messaging," also known as her husband.   If you're interested in reading the Clintonian tea leaves, it's worth a look.