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Test your knowledge of silly Easter-related topics

Is Easter your favorite time of the year with all of its chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and baskets full of candy? You may think you know all there is to know about Easter, which is a deeply religious Christian holy day, but veer off on Peter Cottontail's bunny trail to test your skills and knowledge with the wackiest, funniest and strangest facts about Easter.

1) Which part of the chocolate bunny do 76 percent of people eat first?

A. Tail

B. Feet

C. Arms

D. Ears

2) Easter is the second biggest candy-consuming holiday. What is the first?

A. Christmas

B. Halloween

C. New Years

D. Valentine's Day

3) Where were the first chocolate eggs made during the 19th century?

A. England

B. France

C. Germany

D. Switzerland

4) What is the most popular type of chocolate bunny?

A. Caramel

B. Solid

C. Marshmallow

D. Hollow

5) How much does the world's largest jar of jellybeans weigh?

A. 6,050 pounds

B. 8,210 pounds

C. 4,860 pounds

D. 7,940 pounds

6) What is the most popular color of jellybeans among children?

A. Green

B. Yellow

C. Red

D. Blue

7) How many chocolate bunnies are made yearly for Easter?

A. 10 million

B. 50 million

C. 70 million

D. 90 million

8) What is the rarest date for Easter to fall on? (Hint: Easter was last on this day in 1818 and will not come again until 2285)

A. March 25

B. April 5

C. March 22

D. April 18

9) What does rain on Easter morning foretell?

A. Rain on the next seven Sundays

B. Not all of the candy will be found

C. Warm, dry summer

D. Early fall

10) Which president started the tradition of the White House Easter Egg Roll?

A. Ulysses S. Grant

B. Grover Cleveland

C. Chester A. Arthur

D. Rutherford B. Hayes

11) Instead of the Easter Bunny, who/what brings the colored eggs and chocolate in France?

A. The Easter Ghost

B. The Easter Bells

C. The Easter Chicken

D. The Easter Baskets

12) German tradition tells of decorating what object with eggs for Easter?

A. Easter Egg Tree

B. Easter Table

C. Easter Egg Basket

D. Easter Egg Wreath

13) Closely resembling Halloween, which country has the tradition of children dressing up as witches and receiving Easter treats from the neighbors?

A. Switzerland

B. Poland

C. Norway

D. Sweden

14) We all paint Easter eggs, but what is this tradition actually called?

A. Pysanka

B. Santago

C. Cieroni

D. Dysnero

15) What does the classic egg actually symbolize?

A. Happiness

B. Life

C. Luck

D. Family

16) Which country started the belief in the Easter Bunny?

A. Sweden

B. Poland

C. Denmark

D. Germany

17) Which is the most popular nonchocolate Easter treat?

A. Marshmallow Peeps

B. Jellybeans

C. Bubble Gum

D. Taffy

18) What were the first Easter baskets made to look like?

A. Eggs

B. Easter lilies

C. Bird nests

D. Crosses

19) Before all of the chocolates and Peeps, what was the common Easter snack?

A. Pretzels

B. Hard boiled eggs

C. Unleavened bread

D. Sugar cookies

20) Which country believes that not a rabbit but an Easter Cuckoo delivers the eggs and chocolate?

A. Ireland

B. Russia

C. Switzerland

D. France



1) D. Ears

2) B. Halloween

3) C. Germany

4) B. Solid

5) A. 6,050 pounds

6) C. Red

7) D. 90 million

8) C. March 22

9) A. Rain on the next seven Sundays

10) D. Rutherford B. Hayes

11) B. The Easter Bells

12) A. Easter Egg Tree

13) D. Sweden

14) A. Pysanka

15) B. Life

16) D. Germany

17) A. Marshmallow Peeps

18) C. Bird nests

19) A. Pretzels

20) C. Switzerland

Rachel Wieclaw is a sophomore at North Tonawanda High School.