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Our cup bubbles over

Spelling -- it's a lost art. A Burger King marquee in Buffalo read: "Try Are New Salad Wraps and Chicken Sticks." Handwritten sign on the door of a Dollar Tree in Cheektowaga: "We Have No Helium.. Sorry For the Inconvience." Ahem, that's inconvenience. Speaking of which, no helium is a big one. We came down to earth with a bump. But to counteract that, we got a lift as we were leaving the store. You know how burger places ask you "Do you want fries with that?" and supermarkets ask if you want to contribute to whatever? At the checkout at Dollar Tree, booths were stocked with colored bottles of bubble-blowing soap. And customers were being asked: "Would you like to purchase any bubbles today?"


Singing in the grain

Why did we need the ice boom this year? For the Boom Days party, which happened last weekend. This year's fest included a concert in a grain elevator. Organizers trumpeted: "It will be the first time the lights have been on in the Perot Grain Elevator since 1993!" Gee, we thought they were going to say 1939. But no matter: A friend attended the festivities. "Rick Smith -- you know, the grain elevator guy -- was there," she reports. "And so was a guy who chains himself to buildings." We love this town.


Another manic Monday

Mardi Gras, when Lent is looming, has nothing on Dyngus Day, the post-Easter party when Lent is over. Last Dyngus Day, driving back from the parade, we asked Howard, the guy we married, to drop us off on Fillmore, at the Adam Mickiewicz Library. And he did! Ha, ha! That'll never happen again. But this Dyngus Day -- Monday -- offers lots of possibilities. Noon at the G&T Inn, 58 Memorial Drive, it's the Polka-Singing Bartender. Buzz met that bartender and he is no joke; 4 p.m. at St. Stanislaus, the Buffalo Concertina All-Stars alternating with Stephanie and her Honky Band. Finally, 5 p.m. Monday, the parade kicks off at Corpus Christi Church. They'll have trouble topping the walking bowling pins we saw last time.


The buzz

Buzz went to Buffalo United Artists' "Secrets of the Trade" to see David Granville, whom we previously knew only from his City Hall job but who is now rediscovering old acting ambitions. Granville plays a kind of square dad and once, he walks on stage wearing a hilarious '80s sweater, and the hall went nuts. Dave, you're great, but does the sweater get to take a curtain call? ... Funny to hear Mayor Brown, on the radio, in his trademark measured, careful tones, pronouncing: "I do own a hooded sweatshirt, yes." ... Buzz is putting off our spring cleaning, but we're reading about it, which is a start. Quoth Groupon, hyping a cleaning service: "The company can conduct all services using green products for customers with chemical sensitivities or who live high atop beanstalks."



"Layers people layers!"

-- Comma-free advice from Boom Days organizers, on dealing with spring chill