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Thirty-three wagons were backed up on the road to the West. All those behind the first few were unaware that twenty-four buffalo were blocking the way, grazing and making it impossible for the wagons to pass.

Margaret, seated in the first wagon with her husband, Bertram, cried, "Do something! We can't sit here like this all day!"

Bertram chuckled and said, loudly, "Say, you beasts, how about moving?! Ten should be enough for us to get by. We're on our way to settle the West, although the Native Americans haven't asked us to."

Oddly enough, one of the buffalo stopped chewing and looked directly at Bertram, who looked back, startled.

The buffalo said, "Why shouldn't twenty-two or twenty-three of us move? Surely, the more of us, the better."

Bertram fell over, literally, and Margaret fainted from the shock.



1) There were at least (76/seventy-six) trombones in the marching band.

2) Marshall ate (ninety-eight/98) pretzels at one sitting.



1) seventy-six (Guess what the sponsor of the band sold? )

2) ninety-eight (And he wasn't that hungry.)



Numbers consisting of two words, from twenty-one to ninety-nine, are written as words and hyphenated.