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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Broadcast legends: News staff reporter Jane Kwiatkowski's story about the reunion of WKBW-TV legends Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar and Tom Jolls brought this response from Doug Barber of Star, Idaho:

I grew up with these three! I moved out West in 1996, and even though I know they've retired, whenever I come home I still turn on Channel 7 expecting to hear "Buffalo blaze busters!" Thanks for many years of service to your community, guys, you are the best!

Gretchen Notaro of Coconut Creek, Fla. added:

I, too, moved away from Buffalo in 1985 and still have fond memories of the AWESOME THREESOME! Thanks for the memories. I go "home" several times a year and always smile when I hear, "It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your children are!" Buffalo and its people are the BEST! Miss you dearly!


Facebook: Following a story by News staff reporter Stephen T. Watson on the Timeline format change by the social media giant, Darlene Humphrey of Lancaster expressed her frustration:

Facebook should give users the option. I will leave Facebook when it goes to Timeline, as the format is not user-friendly in my opinion and many, many of my family and friends. We have all commented on our pages that we will leave when the mandatory switch is made.

James White of East Aurora countered:

Facebook is the devil. Life was better without it. It feels good not to be one of the cattle penned inside the fence!

Robert Agnello of Grand Island reasoned:

I don't see what all the fuss is about. How many people look at their own page all the time anyhow? Like staring at oneself in the mirror. They didn't say they were changing the newsfeed. I'd be more worried about how Facebook handles personal information and it's even too late for that. Honestly, I think we are all ready for the next social media platform.


Bruce Andriatch: The News columnist's take on the fun of bowling at Thruway Lanes, along with a video produced by The News' Joseph Popiolkowski, brought this appreciative comment from Michael Chase of Tonawanda:

Thank you for a fine article and video. Thruway Lanes has played a large part in our family's history, from bumper bowling to classic leagues, from entry level employment to career choices. It's a great atmosphere from the smallest bowlers upward through the staff and management. Many of the Professional Bowlers Association members have called Thruway Lanes their home center over the years. A Buffalo tradition and a business, entertainment and Buffalo sports success story. A story worth telling. Thank You!


Sabres Edge: In response to an article by News sports reporter Mike Harrington on the team's 5-1 win over the Washington Capitals and two-point lead in the race for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, Mike Mariano of Mideltown, Ohio, said:

It is so nice to see this team finally come together and play like the team we saw in October and November. [Ryan] Miller looks sharp, but the defense looks excellent. Really did a great job shutting down the "Great 8" and I love the fore-checking at mid-ice. It took the Caps out of their game and, best of all, the scoring is starting to come around, [Tyler] Ennis is unreal with his speed and play making. Let's keep it rolling GO SABRES!

David Martin of Mobile, Ala., added:

This year I watched as the Sabres started the year pretty good, then went into a tail spin for what seemed like forever and I was starting to think about next year. Wow how things have changed! The Sabres will be in the playoffs and I would hate to play against them. Barring injuries, they will go far. Kudos to [Darcy] Regier and company for resurrecting my Sabres.