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Trivia Quiz

1. In ancient mythology, Pyramus and Thisbe were Babylonian lovers. Why did Pyramus kill himself?

2. What detective in literature lived on Baker Street in London, England?

3. Is gingham cotton or wool?

4. Can slogans be copyrighted?

5. How many states have smaller populations than that of Alaska?

6. Name the chief justice of the United States.

7. The capital of Switzerland is

8. The length of time a packaged food product can be stored without deteriorating is known as its _________ life. Fill in the blank.

9. Does the pupil of the eye contract in bright light, or does it do so in the dark?

10. Is an infant able to sit erect by himself or herself before the age of 1?



1. He mistakenly thinks Thisbe has been killed by a lioness, so he kills himself. When Thisbe finds his body, she kills herself.

2. Sherlock Holmes.

3. Cotton.

4. Usually not.

5. Two -- Vermont and Wyoming, the least-populated states.

6. John G. Roberts Jr., since September 2005.

7. Bern.

8. "Shelf."

9. The pupil contracts in bright light and dilates in the dark.

10. Yes, and even at the age of seven or eight months.