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Student upset with professor

Dear Abby: I am a 19-year-old student taking courses at a community college. One of my classes is taught by a great professor who also works at a state college teaching other teachers.

After an evening class with him one night, I returned to the classroom because I forgot something and ended up walking with him back to the parking lot. While putting stuff into my car I saw him get into another student's car. I waited a while without them realizing I was there and ended up seeing my professor and this student smoking weed and fooling around.

I feel angry and betrayed knowing he would put his career in danger. They are both consenting adults, but I don't know whether I should report it or not. What do you think?

-- Betrayed Student on the West Coast

Dear Student: Unless you have ABSOLUTE PROOF that your professor was smoking something other than tobacco, I think you should keep your mouth shut. As you said, he was with another consenting adult. Are you sure your feelings of betrayal aren't jealousy? Because you asked what I think, I'll tell you: Mind your own business.

> Photos vanish after visit

Dear Abby: A year ago my husband and I met a nice couple on a cruise. We had so much fun with them we invited them to our home for a visit.

While they were here I showed them the photo album I had made with our cruise pictures. They were in most of them. It has been three months since their visit and we can't find the album. A few weeks ago, while talking to the wife on the phone I mentioned it. She said we didn't show the album to them but she wished we had. Abby, we know we did!

Should I mention it again or just make a new one and never invite them back?

-- Missing More Than the Pictures?

Dear Missing: If you want a record of your cruise, by all means create a second album. (Surely you don't need me to advise you to never invite them back.)