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Trivia Quiz

1. Which president's likeness is on the face of the $1,000 bill? Although in circulation, this denomination is no longer being issued.

2. Why is the grapefruit called by that name?

3. The first woman to serve in Congress was Jeanette Rankin, elected as a Republican in 1916 from what state?

4. How many players are on a cricket team?

5. N'Djamena is the capital of what African country?

6. An osteopath is a ___________ specialist. Fill in the blank.

7. Who wrote "The Magnificent Ambersons"?

8. Is it true or false that the moose is a member of the deer family?

9. What ocean areas are called the "doldrums"?

10. What letter in Morse Code is a dot and a dash?



1. Grover Cleveland's.

2. Because the fruit grows in clusters, as do grapes. The grapefruit is also known as a pomelo.

3. Montana.

4. Eleven.

5. Chad.

6. Bone.

7. Booth Tarkington.

8. True.

9. Areas near the equator where the waters are sometimes completely calm, with little or no winds.

10. "A."